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Wordless Wednesday #247 – Water ball dog

July 7, 2015 13 comments

Jasper and his reflection want that ball

Jasper eyes the ball

Ball stare down

Got it!


Wordless Wednesday #246 – She sleeps

July 1, 2015 10 comments

Wordless Wednesday #239 – Watching the bikers go by (in color)

May 12, 2015 4 comments

Wordless Wednesday #237 – Basset-Lab Love

April 28, 2015 9 comments

Wordless Wednesday #236 – Dog Park Dogs

April 22, 2015 6 comments

Wordless Wednesday #220 – 15 Things to do in the new year (in photos)

December 31, 2014 19 comments
A doggie zen moment. #dogs #zen #peace


He loves winter. #jasper #Sheltie

Have fun

Jasper-Halloween 2014

Be silly

My sweet girl

Smile more

Diving for the ball. #jasper #Sheltie

Pursue your passion

Silly kids #family

Spend more time with friends

Jasper. After our walk at #whitewoodsregionalpark


Maggie searches for treats and finds them! #picstitch #puppymilldog

Be curious

Smells like fall #dogpark #daisy


Dog walker and dog

Walk with a friend

Daisy and Lucas in October 2014

Meet new people

Can you help me mom? This one is hard! #doggames

Ask for help

Someone is sleeping in her spot. #firstworldproblems

Share with others



Guess she likes the blanket. #daisy

Sleep more

Wordless Wednesday #205 – Dog Park Hodge-Podge

September 16, 2014 4 comments
Doves on a wire

Doves on a wire

Our friend Abby #dogpark


Mushrooms on a log


Bees at work #dogpark

Bees at work

Millie had a little too much fun today. #tiredpuppy

Millie (front) and Bella

Wildflowers at the dog park.

Dog Park weeds

Caught in the middle #dogpark

Stuck in the middle


Evening walk

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