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Favorite Video Friday – An early Christmas present

November 19, 2015 3 comments

I was planning to save today’s video until December, but after a week of bad news, negativity, hateful words and heightened anxiety, I think that a little puppy love is needed right now. There is nothing that gets the oxytocin flowing more than a wiggling, tail wagging, smiling puppy dog.

My hope is that by sharing this wonderfully sweet video a little early, I can give you a little smile to take with you on this Friday before Thanksgiving. Maybe we can all take a break, take a deep breath and smell the puppy breath.

May the small blessings in life bring you a smile today.

Happy Friday everyone.

Favorite Video Friday – Zoey makes winter look lovely

November 12, 2015 5 comments

Tonight I had to venture outdoors to attend a meeting. The wind was so strong it almost blew me off the road, but worse than that was the bone-chilling cold. It felt like winter.

Usually, I don’t mind winter. I love playing with my dogs in the snow. But this year, we’ve been lulled into thinking that our warm fall would go on forever, and it has, until now. Today was the first chilly reminder that winter is coming.

Maybe if our winters looks as beautiful as this wintry video, featuring the adorable Zoey, we would feel less anxious about the coming cold. I’m willing to participate in a little magical thinking. How about you?


Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – The cutest Frenchie beach bum

November 5, 2015 Leave a comment

We’ve been pretty spoiled here in Minnesota this fall. The weather has been fairly warm, and with the exception of a few days on October, I haven’t had to turn the heat on at all. It’s been lovely.

But tonight, that is about to change as we drop below 40 and face weekend highs of 50 degrees. That’s still not bad for November, but it is a harbinger of the cold weather to come. Knowing snow is around the corner has me thinking of sun, sand and seaside beaches. I am fairly certain that is what motivated me to share today’s favorite Friday video.

Seeing a Frenchie running through the waves and surfing with his owner makes me want to fly away to someplace warm (it also makes me want a Frenchie!). Rock Loco is just about the cutest thing there is. I’m not kidding. Watch him and you’ll agree!

Don’t you just want to take him home with you?

Have an awesome Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Bulldog sibling rivalry

October 29, 2015 2 comments

If you have ever taken a road trip with your kids then you know that a back seat disagreement is bound to happen. There’s always a window seat to fight over or someone invading someone’s space or playing their music too loud or not sharing the snacks or toys or… well, I could go on.

There were four kids in my family. I honestly don’t know how my parents survived. My sister and brothers and I were constantly fighting or arguing over something. Can you imagine a road trip with four fighting kids? OMG. Thankfully, we grew up and outgrew the fights, but it must have been hell for mom and dad.

This week’s favorite Friday video features two bulldog siblings who remind me of every road trip fight I ever had with my siblings. What do you think parents? Look familiar? :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Senior dogs playing in leaves

October 23, 2015 3 comments

Happy Friday everyone!

It’s been a crazy week around here at Casa del Mel. Lots of dog-related events, lots of walks at dusk and a plethora of picture-taking too.

I still haven’t gotten our leaves done (and they are starting to pile up). I am really hoping the unusually warm weather continues so I can get them done this weekend. Now if only I could get the sun to stick around a little longer! I sure miss it sticking around until 8 or 9 pm. How about you?

This week’s favorite Friday video is short, but very, very sweet. It features senior dogs and special needs dogs playing in leaves. How can you not smile at that? If you want to follow them and their family at Life in the Dog House, you can do so on Facebook, Instagram and Twitter.

Have an awesome day everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Sexy Beasts

September 17, 2015 5 comments

When I am out scrounging around on YouTube for a new video to share with you, I find a lot of them that are …

  • cute but have no sound
  • cute and funny, but have too harsh a tune
  • cute, funny, have a good tune, but are poorly shot
  • cute, beautifully shot, and also set to awesome music

But what I have never found before is a video that is cute, beautifully shot, has a great tune AND features A SEXY BEAST (or two!).

Today’s video is the exception. It features two Vizsla brothers, Ollie and Winston, and they are without a doubt, sexy beasts. I dare you to disagree. No really, I dare you. :)

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – A last hurrah to summer

September 3, 2015 5 comments

This Labor Day weekend feels like the last of the glory days of summer for 2015. Even though the temperatures are in the 80’s and 90’s and the humidity is sky-high, the sunlit nights are waning and soon Fall will be here.

I don’t know why, but this video just feels like the last hurrah to summer. Without a doubt, the musical background adds to the ambiance, but it is the most adorable April I love to watch. She is a Border Collie who appears to be much-loved.

I hope you will enjoy this fun, but somewhat nostalgic, video selection this week. If nothing else, it will leave you with a smile and a nice tune rolling around in your head. :)

Happy Friday everyone!


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