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Black and White Sunday #122 – Proud, muddy Sheltie

March 21, 2015 24 comments

A muddy mess, but very happy. #Jasper #dogpark

My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

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Black and White Sunday #120 – A snowy nose

March 8, 2015 12 comments

Someone had a little fun in the snow today.

I can't help it. She is so adorable. #Cupcake

My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow Java script so I can’t provide a direct link to the linky, but you can join here.

Wordless Wednesday #229 – Faded colors

March 3, 2015 5 comments

A foster Maggie update

February 1, 2015 23 comments

It’s been a while since I provided you with a Maggie update. So how is she doing? Take a look!

Maggie is starting to seek out my touch. She often will approach me in the morning so I can pet her (like the picture below). She also is starting to enjoy belly rubs.

Look who came up for a pet! #Maggie #puppymilldog

Maggie stops beside me so she can get a pet or two.

She will do almost anything for cheese. Although we started working on hand targeting and “watch me” using cheese, she can now do them on cue (whether there is cheese available or not). She is also  learning “sit” which is HUGE for her since she can shut down if she feels too pressured (read more on pressure sensitive dogs). She gets rewarded for sitting every time she does it and I mark it by saying “yes”.


Maggie loves Babybels

Maggie has also learned that she gets “cheese” when she comes inside the house from her potty breaks. I am still leading her in with the long line, but she now does not resist coming in. She also knows the word “wait” (Thanks Debbie Jacobs!) and will come to a complete stop when she hears the word. It makes it easier to grab her long line and lead her inside now.

She is making eye contact more often too. In the past, she would look away, or give me a quick glance and look away, but now she will hold my gaze and seems almost interested in what I am saying to her. Maybe she is thinking I am saying “cheese”?

Cheese please! #Maggie #puppymilldog

Maggie waiting for me to bring her cheese as a reward for coming inside the house.

Maggie loves Daisy. She will sleep next to her whenever Daisy is on the couch, and when she is outside, she will run to Daisy with her tail wagging like crazy. It’s really cute.

Two former puppy mill girls all snug as a bug. #Daisy #Maggie

She loves chewing on small bully sticks or pre-chewed bully sticks. She will wait until Jasper gets up from the one he was chewing and then steals it. Smart girl!

The girls #Maggie #Daisy

In the evenings, Maggie dozes on the couch or on a dog bed, but when it is time for bed she will put herself to bed(in her kennel). As soon as I turn out the lights, she wakes up, jumps down off the couch and goes to her kennel and opens the door and goes inside. She even waits for me to latch it shut.  (I used to leave it open, but she jumps up on my bed and then back down over and over again because she is afraid of the shadows and sounds that come at night.

All pooped out. #Maggie

The one thing I have been waiting for her to do is bark. The only time I hear her bark is when I just arrive home and I am still in the garage. She always stops as soon as I open the door. But on Saturday morning, she heard me playing with Jasper and Cupcake in my bedroom and started barking! That was a first. And today, I swear I heard her bark outside. I suspect her true Sheltie personality is starting to come through. :)

Fluffy feet #Maggie

Maggie’s furry feet.


Now we just need some extra evening sunlight and warm weather and we can practice walking on a leash!

Favorite Video Friday – Sheltie snow romp

January 29, 2015 3 comments

I look out into my backyard and see only the remnants of snow. Little frozen patches of ice now sit where snow once rested. It’s odd to see little bits of grass poking up between the patches of ice in what is usually considered the coldest month of the year. I know it sounds crazy, especially to those on the east coast, but I miss the snow.

I miss the big huge flakes falling down around me, and the magical silence that comes when one walks through the woods during a fresh snowfall. I miss watching my dogs frolic in the drifts and join the other dogs in a game of chase.

I think that is why this week’s video appealed to me so much. There is something so magical about watching Shelties play in the snow.

Of course, the music might have something to do with it too. :D

Happy Friday everyone!


Wordless Wednesday #222 – Going, going, gone

January 14, 2015 8 comments

Wordless Wednesday #220 – 15 Things to do in the new year (in photos)

December 31, 2014 19 comments
A doggie zen moment. #dogs #zen #peace


He loves winter. #jasper #Sheltie

Have fun

Jasper-Halloween 2014

Be silly

My sweet girl

Smile more

Diving for the ball. #jasper #Sheltie

Pursue your passion

Silly kids #family

Spend more time with friends

Jasper. After our walk at #whitewoodsregionalpark


Maggie searches for treats and finds them! #picstitch #puppymilldog

Be curious

Smells like fall #dogpark #daisy


Dog walker and dog

Walk with a friend

Daisy and Lucas in October 2014

Meet new people

Can you help me mom? This one is hard! #doggames

Ask for help

Someone is sleeping in her spot. #firstworldproblems

Share with others



Guess she likes the blanket. #daisy

Sleep more


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