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Black and White Sunday #139 – The Look

July 26, 2015 12 comments


My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

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Favorite Video Friday – Puppies, Kitties and Mirrors

July 24, 2015 3 comments

After two long weeks of worrying about mom and praying for her recover, she is finally out of the hospital and now in transitional care helping her to get stronger so she can go home. Yay!

She is somewhat of a miracle woman. Her surgeon, a specialist in gastroenterology, has only seen what she had one other time in his career. It is called a paraesophageal hernia, which is a rarer form of a hiatus hernia. Blood supply was being cut off to her stomach, so immediate surgery was the only option. Because of her age, they were very concerned about her ability to recover, but her daily workouts are what brought her through. She was much stronger than they expected.

Anyways, she is on the road to recovery, so I think it’s a day to celebrate and laugh. Being able to laugh in times of worry and fear is a luxury, so we need to enjoy these moments when we can.

Today’s video is full of silly little puppies and kitties encountering a mirror for the first time. I am sure you can guess what happens, but the giggles and silliness is definitely worth watching. I hope it starts your day off with a smile.


Happy Friday everyone!


The Top 10 Reasons Shelties Are Awesome

July 23, 2015 10 comments

I saw a post this morning that made me laugh: 10 Reasons Why You Should Never Own Shetland Sheepdogs.

If you have never known or owned a Shetland Sheepdog, then you may not know how the truly wonderful they are.

To be honest, I have always been a little hesitant to tout them too much for fear that there will be a mass swelling of people looking to buy one. There aren’t many people I know who would willingly give one up once they get one. Many of the ones we get into rescue are surrendered due to hardship, illness or death. They are just that loved.

So what makes a Sheltie an awesome dog? Let me give you The Top 10 Reasons Shelties Are Awesome..

1. They are so cute that it’s almost criminal.


2. Shelties are smart, and quick learners.

. Did you want my other left? #Jasper #sheltie

3. They love to play with you.

Wanna play ball? #Jasper #sheltie

4. They love to make you laugh.

We have no cheeseTrue.

5. Shelties are always happy to see you.

My little Howler #Jasper #Sheltie


6. They are eager to please you.

Seriously? The camera thing again? #Cupcake #sheltie

7. Loyalty is their middle name.

A muddy mess, but very happy. #Jasper #dogpark

8. Enthusiasm is their second middle name.  

Jasper would live to be on your cover! #lifeanddogcoverstar

9. Cuddle time is a must.
Time for bed #Maggie #Daisy

10. A sleeping Sheltie will melt your heart.

Sleeping beauty #maggie #Sheltie

Wordless Wednesday #249 – Dozing with Cupcake

July 22, 2015 3 comments

Black and White Sunday #138 – Two boys instead of one

July 19, 2015 18 comments

It’s hard to believe that last week I was walking around without a care in the world. I was thinking about getting things ready for the work week and what I needed to get done at home.

Now, a week later, I am focused on what time I will visit mom in the hospital, what I can get done around the house and what I can leave until later, and can I go to a seminar I had planned to attend or skip it.

I am also focused on feeding 5 dogs instead of 4 and managing meds for 3 dogs instead of 2. My mother’s dog, Jake, has been here since Tuesday and is doing well. I think Jasper likes having another boy to pal around with. I love the picture I captured of them the other day, so I thought I would share it today.


Jasper likes not being the only boy. Jake, my mother's dog, is staying with us for a few weeks. #sheltie

My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow Java script so I can’t provide a direct link to the linky, but you can join here.

Favorite Video Friday – Igor’s Home Away from Home

July 17, 2015 7 comments

This week has been a tough one. My mother went into emergency surgery on Tuesday morning.  Thankfully, she seems to be doing better than even the surgeon expected, but she will be in the hospital for a week and then in recovery for another two to three weeks.

With her being in the hospital, someone had to take her dog, Jake, home to care for him. So, he came home with me. I am glad he and my dogs get along so well. It makes things a little easier.

He was pretty confused and unsure when I first went to pick him up at my mother’s place. He had no idea why my sister and I were there and not my mom. Luckily, his transition at my house has been easy for him and us. I credit the time he spent with me in March, when my mom went on vacation with my sister, for it being a little less stressful for him. I think he enjoys being around other Shelties.

Of course, I’ve also tried to bring a little of his home to my house so he can feel a little more comfortable. I think that’s why today’s video resonated with me. When you need to leave your dog with someone or at a boarding kennel, you want them to feel like they have a bit of you there with them. I think that’s why this week’s video resonated with me so much right now.

This Friday’s video is cute and very sweet. It features a dog, named Igor, and his loving family, who are about to go on a vacation to another country. How they make him feel a little less sad, and a little more comfortable at the kennel he is staying at, is very sweet. I hope you get a smile like I did when you see him with his new friend sharing his special space. It’s adorable.


Happy Friday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday #248 – A doe, a deer, a female deer

July 14, 2015 5 comments

Hidden from view

A doe, a deer

She was curious to know what I was going to do with that big camera around my neck. 😊 #deer #doe #nature #wildlife

Watching while eating

A deer eating salad

Another deer seen along the MN River valley

Another doe from across the water!

The beauty of the Minnesota River Valley

Just a little beauty on the river valley bed.


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