Lost Dog Information

Lost not stray v2This page contains my blog posts on lost dogs – how to find them, what to do if your dog gets loose or lost, and what rescues should be doing to plan for a lost dog.

It also contains my own lost dog story involving my dog, Cupcake.


Lost Dog Tips and Information

Lost dogs – Good photos are key

Loose Dog? Don’t chase! Stop, Drop and Lie Down

Why your lost dog may not run back to you

Do you know what to do if your pet goes missing?

Lost Dogs and the Importance of Using Scent Articles

Rescues – Do you have a plan for finding your lost dogs?

The best advice for capturing a lost dog

An Insightful study into Lost Cats and Dogs

Let’s stop thinking “stray” and start thinking LOST

Lost Dog “Experts”, Lay Off Will Ya?

Lost Dogs – Is your dog at risk?

5 things NOT to do when you first adopt your dog

Blog the Change: Prevent your dog from getting lost

Sunny – A dog lost for 96 days in a Minnesota winter and now home

Infographic demonstrates dangers for pets on July 4th


Cupcake (formerly known as Lady) – My Lost Dog Story

Post #1: The search for Lady, my foster dog. How you can help.
Post #2:Foster Dog Lady – Still Missing

Post #3: Little Lady Lost – The Latest

Post #4: Thanksgiving Gratitude Despite Little Lady Still Being Lost

Post #5: Little Lady Lost – Chasing the Wrong Things

Post #6: A Sunbeam of Hope? The Latest on Little Lady Lost

Post #7: Little Lady Lost – The Saturday Update

Post #8: Little Lady Lost – Latest Update & Do’s and Don’ts

Post #9: Little Lady Lost – A sense of peace

Post #10: Little Lady Lost – HOME AT LAST!

Post #11: Little Lady Lost and How She Made It Home Again

  1. Terri B
    November 7, 2015 at 2:13 PM

    My sweet boarder collie mix 10 yr dog Bear went missing a week ago she showed up today I think she chase something under the house and got stuck now that she’s back and will not eat her food she did eat some people food and has drank if anybody has info on what I should do other than her being very tired she seems to be fine I would appreciate any input thank you to all you dog lovers out there my biggest concern is hurt not eating

    • Mel
      November 11, 2015 at 6:13 AM

      Hi Terri – Sorry for the delayed response. It’s hard to reply on my cell phone. I hope you have brought her into the vet. If she is not eating I would be concerned.

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