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Favorite Video Friday – The Great Tennis Ball Chase

April 21, 2017 Leave a comment

If you’ve been following this blog for any significant amount of time, then you know I have a dog who is obsessed with tennis balls. His name is Jasper.

Jasper will chase his tennis balls to the end of the earth. Just when you think he is tired and ready to be done, he brings it to you again so you can throw it just ONE MORE TIME.

Now that we’re in spring, I expect we will be doing a whole lot more ball chasing. That’s why this week’s favorite video is so perfect. It features the most adorable Golden Retriever, named Wilson. I just love him, don’t you?

Happy Friday everyone!

y everyone!

Wordless Wednesday #278 – Tennis Ball Mind Meld

February 17, 2016 6 comments

Favorite Video Friday – Dog Days of Summer

August 28, 2015 2 comments

We’re in the midst of the last days of summer. Days are getting shorter. We no longer wake up to the sun in the morning. There is a chill in the air that has not been there since spring. You can tell fall is just around the corner.

That’s why the dogs and I are trying to make the most of these last few nice days. We’re spending more time outside, either at the dog park or playing ball in the yard. Jasper is happiest when he has a ball to chase.

I think that’s why this video resonated with me this week. It has that end of summer feel to it. Jasper can relate to this Golden’s love of tennis balls.

Wordless Wednesday #247 – Water ball dog

July 7, 2015 13 comments

Jasper and his reflection want that ball

Jasper eyes the ball

Ball stare down

Got it!

Favorite Video Friday – Tennis Balls: A doggie obsession

July 18, 2014 14 comments

It appears that Jasper is not alone in his ball obsession. Do I dare get him this?

I’m going to let you vote. What do you think? Yay or nay?

Happy Friday everyone!

My dog has “shiny penny” syndrome

January 28, 2013 22 comments

For anyone who has read my blog for any period of time, you now know that my Sheltie, Jasper, has an obsession with two things: sticks and balls. If we are at the dog park he will demand I throw a stick for him over and over and over again. At home, it’s his tennis ball he wants thrown or kicked or tossed – many, many, many times.

But there is also something else Jasper has an obsession with – things that move. This includes people, dogs, bikes, skateboarders, bunnies, ducks, etc.  He can be in the middle of bringing his ball back to me when he spots someone walking by the house and has to run to the fence to bark at them. He can also be barking at someone walking by and I can say “I’m gonna get your ball!” and he will run to get his ball. I like to call it the “shiny penny” syndrome or ADD.

Sometimes I laugh at how easily he can be distracted but most of the time I wonder how I can get him to be more focused. We have worked together on a wide variety of training areas, but this is one area we have yet to master. I wonder if any of you have or have had a dog that is easily distracted and what you do about it in your own home.

Do you have a dog easily distracted or who suffers from the “shiny penny” syndrome? How do you work through it? Or, how have you mastered it with your dog? I would love any ideas you have to help me with this issue.

Chasing my ball

Chasing my ball

Is that someone walking by?

Is that someone walking by?

Playing ball

Playing ball

Is that the neighbor coming outside?

Is that the neighbor coming outside?

Playing ball (again)

Playing ball (again)





A dog and his ball (in pictures)

December 6, 2012 22 comments

For those of you who read my blog, or follow me on Facebook, you know that there are two loves in my dog Jasper’s life – sticks and balls. He has an extreme obsession with them and is relentless in letting me know it. Today, I thought I would share Jasper’s ball obsession… in pictures.

Jasper loves his ball (this applies to any ball, but most especially the one he has at that moment).


He loves chasing his ball…



Catching his ball….





Waiting for you to throw his ball…





Staring at his ball…



Holding his ball…





And, pleading with you to throw his ball just ONE MORE TIME…


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