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Favorite Video Friday – Dog Park in Slow Motion

September 16, 2016 2 comments

This week we’re slowing down an enjoying the dog park filmed in slow motion. The video selection for this week has almost an art film feel to it. It is beautifully shot and focuses on the small intimate moments we often miss at a dog park.

I like it because it features dogs (of course!), but I also like it because it doesn’t make me anxious seeing one group of dogs beating up on another dog, which is often what I see. I also like it because it is just that beautiful to watch.

If it wasn’t so short, I would say get yourself a bowl of popcorn, a glass of wine, and sit back and enjoy. 🙂

Happy Friday everyone.

May you have a fantastic weekend.

Sony RX10 ii Short Film // Dog Park // Filmed in 120fps & 250 fps from Cliq on Vimeo.

Favorite Video Friday – Act like a Corgi

July 1, 2016 Leave a comment

I don’t know about you, but this has been the longest week I can remember. Maybe it’s because I knew there was a vacation at the end of it. Or, maybe it was because the nice weather was calling my name and I couldn’t enjoy it. Or, maybe it’s just because I am bone-assed tired this week.

No matter what the reason, I am grateful that I can now enjoy a wonderful weekend and Independence Day.

This week’s video, featuring the most adorable Corgi puppy named Cosmo, reminded me of what are the most important things to do while on vacation (and in life).




Be silly

Have fun

Hang out with friends

Splash around in water

Sleep well


I hope all of you get the chance to do that and more this weekend.

Happy Friday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday #285 – Enjoying a spring walk with a Daisy

April 12, 2016 9 comments

A spring walk

Wordless Wednesday #283 – Daisy Standing Tall

March 30, 2016 9 comments

Daisy poses at the dog park. Hard to believe it is March 2016.

Wordless Wednesday #277 – Paws in the Woods

February 10, 2016 3 comments

Gracie at the dog park


Wordless Wednesday #276 – Squirrel? I’m looking for my stick!

February 3, 2016 4 comments

Is my stick up there?


Wordless Wednesday #275 – The sweetest winter Cupcake

January 27, 2016 8 comments

Cupcake. My heart. Jan 2016

A frosted Cupcake

Cuppercakes the very sweet Sheltie.

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