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Wordless Wednesday #146

June 18, 2013 13 comments






Wordless Wednesday #133

March 19, 2013 25 comments



Wordless Wednesday #132

March 12, 2013 23 comments



Favorite Video Friday – Silly Human Tricks (with Dogs)

September 20, 2012 14 comments

Well, I tried. I was all set to participate in the Human Shaming: a tongue-in-cheek blog hop being sponsored by Kol’s Notes and My Brown Newfies but all I could come up with was this video.

Here’s the brief description that accompanied it.

A typical elderly American foursome illustrates their level of culture by hiding a disgusting electronic device from the family pooch. (One of the, um…’external borborygmial utterances’ is the genuine article. “Is it real or is it Memorex?”

Human shaming? No.

But it is a good example of the silly things we humans will do to get dogs to do things that make us laugh. I certainly got a chuckle at the 26 second mark, and Islay didn’t seem to mind the fun.

Make sure you go check out the Human Shaming blog hop. It’s sure to be fun.

Have a happy Friday everyone!

What’s Your State’s Most Popular Dog Breed?

March 28, 2012 8 comments

Labrador Retrievers seem to be the most popular breed throughout the United States.

Yesterday, I came across an interesting report by Kristen Seymour over at Vet Street. The headline caught my attention almost immediately “Top Dogs Across America: 10 Most Popular Breeds by State.” Who wouldn’t be interested to find out which breeds are most popular in their state? Not me!

I decided to take a stab at guessing what the most popular breeds were first. Most of my guesses were based on some of my old doggie clients and some of our most popular friends at the dog park, but would I be right?

Here were my guesses:

1. Labrador Retriever
2. Golden Retriever (My most popular and plentiful doggie clients.)
3. Labradoodle (I see them everywhere here.)
4. Yorkshire Terrier
5. German Shepherd
6. Alaskan Husky (We do live in Minnesota after all!)
7. Poodle
8. Pitbull Terrier (You wouldn’t think that an unpopular and much maligned breed would be on my list, but I think Minnesota may be a bit more progressive than most other states when it comes to pitbulls.)
9. Beagle
10. German Shorthair Pointer

(P.S. I would have chosen Mutt if I could have done so. It’s by far the most common type of dog I see everywhere in Minnesota.)

So how close was I? Check it out.

1. Labrador Retriever
2. German Shepherd Dog
3. Chihuahua
4. Golden Retriever
5. Shih Tzu
6. Yorkshire Terrier
7. American Pit Bull Terrier
8. Boxer
9. Australian Shepherd
10. English Springer Spaniel

Oh well. Five out of ten isn’t bad. Is it?

So what breed was most popular in your state?
What surprised you most about your state’s Top 10 Popular Breeds list?

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