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Wordless Wednesday #250 – Post Bath Time Pics

July 29, 2015 7 comments
Cupcake shakes

The Shake off

Drop drying on the lounger. #Cupcake #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog

The drip dry

Daisy takes a break after her bath

Post bath look away

You said I had to have a bath. You did not say I had to stay clean. #Daisy #dogsofinstagram #labradorretriever

Post bath roll in the dirt look

Maggie got a little muddy after her bath too. #sheltie #shetlandsheepdog

Cheese face – maybe she’ll forgive me?

Bath time with Daisy and Maggie

No more baths please

After bath smiles

Bath? What bath? Cheese please!

(A different) Wordless Wednesday #199 – The lovable Dylan

August 6, 2014 10 comments

give cancer the paw buttonToday I am veering off from the usual Wordless Wednesday post and adding a few words with my picture.

Peggy Frezon from The Writer’s Dog  and  Jackie Bouchard from Pooches Smooches are hosting their very last blog hop dedicated to bringing awareness to canine cancer. Give Cancer the Paw has been a great way to raise cancer awareness and to share new treatments and news in the fight against cancer for dogs, but now it is coming to an end. So in honor of this special blog hop, Peggy and Jackie asked bloggers to “pay tribute to a special dog or cat (or any pet) who has or has had cancer.”

I have chosen a very special dog to honor today. I have known Dylan almost as long as I have had Daisy. He is a former client, friend and inspiration.

Dylan has cancer and is currently undergoing chemo treatments to kick it to the curb. You would never know it to look at him, but he has battled cancer before. He won the battle that time and he will win again. Dylan is a fighter, actually more of a lover than a fighter, but I have no doubt he will beat it again. Feel free to send your healthy vibes and goodwill mojo his way. I am sure his mom would appreciate it. I know I will. Give cancer the paw Dylan!



Dylan asking for a belly rub.



Is there something out there? #dogpark

Dylan (back) and Abbie (front) look for the elusive squirrel at the dog park.



Keeping an eye on the neighbors.


Dylan and his sitter, Nika. SQUIRREL!!!

My favorite boy Dylan. #dogpark

The handsome Dylan at the dog park this summer.


Since I does not allow Java, I cannot include the linky, but you can join the blog hop here.

Life with a dog named Jasper

January 8, 2014 17 comments

Sometimes God gives us a dog to challenge us,
and sometimes he gives us one to make us laugh.
Sometimes he gives you a dog that is adorably cute,
and he melts your heart.

And sometimes he gives you a dog that is all that and more.

That is Jasper.

He makes me laugh but challenges me more than any dog I know.
He is adorably cute, but also a wonderful nursemaid when I am sick.
He is sensitive and pig-headed and smart as a whip.
And here is why I love him.

Jasper believes that…

All balls are meant to be chewed, thrown, savored and chased.


Tennis balls taste better when soaked in a pool or rolled in sand and mud.


Tennis balls can be found everywhere despite the owner’s belief that “there can’t possibly be one here.”


Joggers and bicyclists must be chased.
People dressed up like joggers must be chased.
Walkers wearing anything that might resemble running gear must be followed closely in case they run. Then they must be chased.
Water is fun but only in moderation.

Water must be chased.

Sheep, of course, must be chased.

Jasper went sheep herding

Jasper went sheep herding

Anyone in a bathroom is a prisoner and can and will be forced to throw a ball.
Anyone sitting down anywhere, at any time, can be made to play ball.

Sticks are a nice substitute for a ball, if one is not available. They are also fun to chew.



One cannot use the outdoor bathroom facilities when family is there to watch. One must wait until everyone goes back inside again and then ask to be let out to use the facilities in private.

Kongs with good things inside them are good. One stolen from a sibling is even better.
Bones were meant to be stolen. What is caring if not sharing?
Food must not be wasted.

Jasper was licking his chops at the prospect of eating Zuke's treats.

Jasper was licking his chops at the prospect of eating Zuke’s treats.

A thorough examination of the food preparation facility must be conducted every morning and evening.
No toy that contains treats inside of it is a deterrent. When all else fails, bang it on the floor. Treats will surely come out.

Costumes provided by the human can be endured if there is food involved.


When all else fails…

Look cute. It works.

Jasper and his stare

Jasper and his stare

Of Shelties and Snowflakes

December 18, 2013 10 comments

Normally I would share my favorite pictures on Wordless Wednesday, but given the “Meet the Bloggers” blog hop yesterday, I thought I would save them for today. (By the way, can I just say how blown away I am by all the participation in the blog hop? Holy cow!!!)

On Sunday, I shared some of my snowflake photos with you in black in white.  I was really surprised by all the nice comments people left about them. Who knew snowflakes would strike a chord. I love seeing them in all their natural glory, don’t you?

So here they are again. In color.

Oh yeah. I may have snuck in a few more. 🙂







Wordless Wednesday #146

June 18, 2013 13 comments






Dog body language – What do you see?

June 9, 2013 14 comments

The human brain can be a funny thing.

Back when I was a pet sitter, I found myself so aware of everything that was going on around me. I would capture the faintest smell of spring flowers as I walked by someone’s well-tended garden. I knew all the sounds in the neighborhoods where I walked my client’s dogs – a train, a car in need of repair, a bird singing in the trees, a dog barking in a neighbor’s yard. I even noticed when something was out of place or unusual.

Sunrises and sunsets were so much more spectacular then too. I noticed how the sun lit up the clouds and how it changed the color of the sky or how it reflected on the water or off the trees.

I was an observer. All of my senses were engaged. Everything was in technicolor and came with surround sound. I noticed when a dog I was walking was nervous or scared or excited. I watched his every movement – a prick of the ears, a change in breathing, a stiffness to their gait. I observed them all, and from those observations I found myself better able to assess what I needed to do to help them or encourage them or protect them from harm.

But now that I am back in the corporate world, I am finding my senses dulled once again. Instead of observing my environment as separate and distinct pieces, I find my brain trying to mush them altogether like some hazy, out of focus memory.

Now when I observe a dog’s behavior, I find myself rushing past the small, but distinctly different, components and making a summation of the dog’s behavior based on a few behavioral cues. Not a good thing if you’re trying to better understand dog behavior (yes, I really am that much of a dog geek).

That’s why I was excited to participate in a recent group discussion about dog behavior. Instead of trying to interpret what a dog was trying to convey, the only goal of the group discussion was to record your observations of the dog – a furrowed brow, dilated pupils, ear position, body direction, etc. It was amazing how much more was captured as different people joined in on the discussion. It was also amazing how much I had missed.  Yikes.

It made me realize just how much I had lost some of those skills I had honed as a pet sitter. How much easier it had become to skip past those small, little cues and head on over to making an assessment. It is clear that I have a lot to re-learn.

While I practice getting better at the observation part, I thought you guys might all want to try your hand at recording your own observations. Below are two photos (Photo A and Photo B) taken at my dog park. What do you see? What is noticeable about each of the dogs in the photos? What do you notice about their bodies, their ears, their eyes?

I’d love to get your observations.


Photo A

Photo B

Photo B

Wordless Wednesday #116

November 21, 2012 8 comments


Wordless Wednesday #114

November 6, 2012 16 comments


Near and Far

October 18, 2012 22 comments

Sharing a little dog park photography today. Have a great day!

Black and White Sunday #4 – Daisy

September 9, 2012 23 comments

Come and join us for Black and White Sunday where bloggers share their black and white photos of their dogs.

Daisy at the dog park

My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop You Did What With Your Weiner, My Life in Blog Years and Dachshund Nola.

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow Java script so I can’t provide a direct link to the linky, but you can join here.

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