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Is Daisy too thin?

February 18, 2013 69 comments

Over the past few days I have received several comments from people about Daisy’s weight. It’s not the typical “your dog is fat” comment. No. The comments from both family and friends have been “Daisy looks really thin.” or “Daisy is looking pretty thin.”.

How odd it is to have people tell you your dog is too thin. To be honest, it kind of made me a little paranoid to hear so many comments in such a short period of time. Was Daisy too thin? Was I not feeding her enough? Should I be feeding her more?

I started to feel bad. Was I being a bad dog mom?

When I first brought Daisy home, she was way too thin. You could see her ribs.

Summer 019

But then, after she had a chance to eat plenty of food, she got way too fat.

Today, she looks like this.IMG_8763

IMG_7582 IMG_8526


Having seen way (WAY) too many fat Labs in my life, I have always tried to  keep Daisy at a healthy weight. When she was too fat, I got concerned about what that would mean for her joints and energy level. I didn’t want her to be one of those older dogs, waddling along, hardly able to go for a walk around the block. She’s 9 years old now and arthritis is a real possibility. Extra weight would not help her in this area at all.

But, all the recent comments made me wonder if I was keeping her too thin. Should I add some food to her dish each morning and evening?

This past summer I saw a body condition chart at a dog adoption event and I remembered wondering where my dogs fit on that chart. Surely I could find one online and see where Daisy fell on it, right?

It turns out there are several variations of the body condition chart online (see below), but Body Condition Score chart I like is one on the Hospital for Companion Animals.

Dog Obesity-Chart


So where did Daisy fall?

Using images in the first chart (above), I determined that she fell within the ideal weight category. On the second chart, she scored between a 2 and 3 – which falls anywhere from thin and an ideal weight. And, on the third chart, she scored as “moderate”. So is Daisy too thin? I don’t think so. She’s healthy and happy and looking like a dog at a healthy weight.

Is it possible that we have gotten so used to seeing overweight and obese dogs that our view of what a healthy weight looks like on a dog has been skewed? Maybe. It’s hard to know. But, to be sure, I am going to take her into our vet and see what she says. I think that will give me more peace of mind.

What about your dog? Do you get comments on their weight? Too thin? Too fat?

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