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Happy Father’s Day! Yogi and His Ducklings

June 19, 2011 8 comments

Not all fathers are the made the same. Some are tall. Some are short. Some like baseball. Some like football. Some don’t like sports at all. But, most just want to be there for you when you need them most.

In short, what makes a father a father isn’t always biology, it’s what they say and do.

That’s why this story caught my attention on this Father’s Day. You see, Yogi is not a typical father either. His wee little ones come with webbed feet. But, he is a father nonetheless.

This picture first appeared on Animal Planet’s Wall of Fame, but it was the follow up story on that I found most interesting. You can read more about Yogi and his ducklings here.

Happy Father’s Day to all those wonderful fathers out there!

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