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Wordless Wednesday #304 – Beach Bunnies

August 30, 2016 1 comment

Daisy in Schultze Lake

Cupcake at Schultze Lake


Favorite Video Friday – Puppy dog pool time

June 20, 2013 12 comments

Well, it seems the warm weather has finally arrived in Minnesota. It went above 90 degrees today AND I had to turn on the air.

The warm weather also meant I could finally open up the pool at Casa del Mel. Yay!

There is nothing Jasper and Daisy love more than being in the pool when it’s hot. Daisy loves dipping her whole snout in the water, while Jasper prefers to just drop his ball in it, over and over again.

Cupcake wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out by the pool. She might get her paws wet. 🙂

Given all the fun everyone was having with the pool and the warmer weather it  almost seemed destined that I should find a video that captured the mood so perfectly.

Makes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it?

Happy Friday everyone!

Wordless Wednesday #31

February 16, 2011 7 comments

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