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Favorite Video Friday – Greyhounds Home Alone

August 18, 2011 13 comments

This week I was looking for a video of dogs playing with balloons.

“Funny”, you say. This video doesn’t look anything like dogs with balloons.

Yup. You’re right. I honestly don’t have a good explanation for why I chose this time-lapse video of Greyhounds and Lurchers staying at home alone, other than it made me laugh.

You must keep your eye on the white Greyhound. For some reason, I immediately thought of Carrie’s Bunny over at Tales and Tails. Of course, I could be completely off (only Carrie knows for sure), but the diva-esque-like quality to this dog made me laugh. I hope you get a kick out of it too.

(P.S. Listen to the barks – aren’t they hilarious?)

Favorite Video Friday – While You Were Gone

June 16, 2011 6 comments

I happened across these two videos while out looking at another pet video on YouTube, and it got me to thinking… What do my dogs do while I am gone? I suspect they sleep too, but I just may have to set up my camera to see. I love all the strange sleeping positions.

I thought I would end with the actual arrival home. This is what most of us see. Isn’t it? 🙂

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