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Favorite Video Friday – The last hurrah to summer

September 1, 2017 1 comment

In Minnesota, summer begins on Memorial Day and ends on Labor Day.

I don’t mean that we ignore the technical dates that signify the beginning and end of summer (i.e., June 21 for the summer solstice and September 22 for the fall equinox), but we consider the start and end of summer to be when our lakes officially open and close (i.e., Memorial Day and  Labor Day).

So if we go by Minnesota time standards, summer ends this long Labor Day weekend. Our magnificent and highly-attended state fair ends on Labor Day, most kids head back to school the day after Labor Day, and the outdoor pools and lakes close on Monday.

That’s why so many of us are taking the time to get in that last hurrah. That last moment to camp before the kids get back to school, or to hit the fair before it ends, or to get in that last day at the lake before it closes down.

Dogs and owners will likely be taking advantage of this time too. We all want to give them that last chance to go for a swim before the cold weather hits (although technically, that could be several weeks away). There is even a local business who opens their pool to dogs at the end of the season . It’s the last hurrah of summer.

That’s why I thought it appropriate we celebrate this Labor Day weekend with a little pool time. The last hurrah to summer.

Have a happy and safe Labor Day everyone! 🙂

Favorite Video Friday – Let Spring begin!

April 14, 2017 1 comment

To me, Easter has always signaled the official beginning of spring. Maybe it’s the message of renewal and rebirth, or just the timing of when it occurs (April), but it always feels like Easter is when all the tulips and daffodils start to bloom and the birds start singing their love songs. It’s usually around this time that the buds fall from the trees and fresh new green leaves start to unfurl. Suddenly, everywhere you look there is green!

Spring signals the coming of summer and more time outdoors. It means more hikes, hanging out with our friends (and dogs), camping, gardening, playing ball on the field and in the yard, and swimming. I think that is why I loved this video so much. It was taken last year, but it signals all the things I look forward to each and every spring. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Dog Days of Summer

August 28, 2015 2 comments

We’re in the midst of the last days of summer. Days are getting shorter. We no longer wake up to the sun in the morning. There is a chill in the air that has not been there since spring. You can tell fall is just around the corner.

That’s why the dogs and I are trying to make the most of these last few nice days. We’re spending more time outside, either at the dog park or playing ball in the yard. Jasper is happiest when he has a ball to chase.

I think that’s why this video resonated with me this week. It has that end of summer feel to it. Jasper can relate to this Golden’s love of tennis balls.

Favorite Video Friday – Puppy dog pool time

June 20, 2013 12 comments

Well, it seems the warm weather has finally arrived in Minnesota. It went above 90 degrees today AND I had to turn on the air.

The warm weather also meant I could finally open up the pool at Casa del Mel. Yay!

There is nothing Jasper and Daisy love more than being in the pool when it’s hot. Daisy loves dipping her whole snout in the water, while Jasper prefers to just drop his ball in it, over and over again.

Cupcake wouldn’t be caught dead hanging out by the pool. She might get her paws wet. 🙂

Given all the fun everyone was having with the pool and the warmer weather it  almost seemed destined that I should find a video that captured the mood so perfectly.

Makes you want to jump right in, doesn’t it?

Happy Friday everyone!

Summer Heat: Is Your Dog Cool?

May 26, 2009 2 comments

Summer is just around the corner, but if the two 90+ degree days we had in Minnesota last week taught us anything it’s that summer heat can come at any time.

And, with hot summer temps comes the potential for dangerous situations. Walking and running with your dog can be fun for both of you, but in hot weather it can be dangerous. Leaving a dog in a hot car, even if just for a few minutes, can lead to irreversible consequences. Don’t believe it? Check out the website for information on how outside temps affect the temperature inside a hot car. It doesn’t take long before the heat in a car can harm your pet.

The ASPCA includes a list of “hot weather tips” for when you are out and about with your pet, these are just a few to keep in mind:

• Always carry a gallon thermos filled with cold, fresh water when traveling with your pet.
• The right time for playtime is in the cool of the early morning or evening, but never after a meal or when the weather is humid.
• Street smarts: When the temperature is very high, don’t let your dog stand on hot asphalt. His or her body can heat up quickly, and sensitive paw pads can burn. Keep walks during these times to a minimum. 

• Provide fresh water and plenty of shade for animals kept outdoors. Bring your dog or cat inside during the heat of the day to rest in a cool part of the house.
• Be especially sensitive to older and overweight animals in hot weather. Brachycephalic or snub-nosed dogs such as Bulldogs, Pugs, Boston terriers, Lhasa Apsos and Shih Tzu’s, as well as those with heart or lung diseases, should be kept cool in air-conditioned rooms as much as possible.

PawLuxury Blog recently wrote about this same topic and included warning signs to watch for when you are out and about with your pet (see below).

What to watch for – The warning signs of heat stroke in pets.
Heavy panting, glazed eyes, a rapid pulse, unsteadiness, staggering walk, vomiting, or a deep red or purple tongue.

What to do if your dog suffers from signs of heat stress The first step is to lower your pets body temperature by doing the following: 

1. Relocate your pet to a shady area out of the direct summer heat and pour cool (not cold) water over his or her coat to slowly lower their body temperature. 

2. Apply ice packs or cold towels to your pet’s head, neck & chest only. 

3. Let your pet lick ice cubes, but limit access to cold water. 

4. Heat stroke is life threatening for animals. So consult your vet for emergency and get them to a vet IMMEDIATELY

Let’s have a great time with our pets this summer and keep them safe at the same time!

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