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Black and White Sunday #178 – In the flowers

July 10, 2016 7 comments


My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

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More pictures from the dog park

February 25, 2013 25 comments

I hope you all had a lovely time this past weekend. After receiving a lot of fresh snow this week, we found ourselves spending a lot of time at the dog park this past weekend. I think the dogs know spring is in the offing. They were so full of energy. I thought I would share just a few of the pictures with you today. Happy Monday!






“Not so sneaky” attack

Game on!

Game on!


Let’s play!

Abbie in a stand off with a new friend

Abbie in a stand off with a new friend

The chase is on!

The chase is on!


Bubba chasing Bella

Bubba catches Bella

Bubba catches Bella


A new friend holds onto Toby’s stick


A game of chase


Nadia and her Irish Terrier girlfriend

Lucy and Russ have a little fun

Lucy and Russ have a little fun

IMG_9095 IMG_9096IMG_9033

Jasper cleans his toes and Cupcake takes a rest (two hours of walking can tire a girl out!)

Jasper cleans his toes and Cupcake takes a rest (two hours of walking can tire a girl out!)

Favorite Video Friday – Teaching Sammi to Walk Again

March 1, 2012 9 comments

I was all set to post a funny video this week until I came across these two wonderful videos and the amazing story behind them on Buzzfeed. Although, it’s nice to be able to laugh each week, videos that can move you are just as sweet. I am including the story behind the videos below. It’s moving to see the impossible become possible, isn’t it?

Roxanne – This bit of Favorite Video Friday hope is for you and your miracle girl, Lily.

Happy Friday everyone!

Sammi was an active, happy 8 year-old Springer Spaniel who had suddenly become a quadriplegic, due to bone growing inside his spinal column and putting pressure on his spinal cord. Sammi needed intense rehabilitation following surgery, where his surgeon was unable to remove the excess bone.

The prognosis for Sammi’s complete recovery was bleak… He could not walk at all, or even hold his little head up. Nobody was sure if he would ever walk again… Full paralysis in pets is, just as with humans, complicated and challenging to treat.

After three months of daily rehabilitation to strengthen his core muscles, including electronic stimulation, electro-acupuncture, assisted standing in the underwater treadmill, and sensory rehabilitation over a therapy ball, Sammi was able to master sitting up from a down position. Treatment was continued to pattern his legs to walk again, while constantly fighting them, as they were stiff and rigid from his neurological condition.

Then one day it finally happened — he took his first steps, and although he could not even stand and balance on his own that day, through continued rehabilitation, patience and sheer determination, he learned to walk again and never looked back.

Today Sammi not only walks – he runs, jumps, swims and plays. You’d never know what he’s been through to look at him now!

Full credit goes to the staff and doctors at California Animal Rehabilitation for sharing these videos and for all the wonderful work they did to give Sammi a second leash on life.

Favorite Video Friday – The Can-Can, Puppy and Kitty Style

April 7, 2011 20 comments


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