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Why Must You Have a Puppy?

September 4, 2009 Leave a comment
Aspen - Adopted at Age 9

Aspen – Adopted at Age 9

As the US Humane Society finishes up their work from another raid of a puppy mill (their 4th raid in four days), this one in South Dakota, I am once again saddened by the prospects for these pups and all other dogs that sit in our shelters across the country. The sad truth is that everyone wants a puppy. And as long as people continue to want a puppy, and continue to purchase puppies from disreputable breeders (i.e., puppy mills), the images captured by Scotlund Hasileywill continue.

For me, it has always been hard to understand why everyone has to have a puppy versus choosing to adopt an older dog. Other than the purchase of my very first dog from a neighbor at age 15, and my adoption of Jasper at 10 months, I have always adopted older dogs. Why wouldn’t I? In general, older dogs are housebroken (a huge plus!), they’re usually trained, eager to please, have been tested with dogs and people, are less likely to tear your house apart or chew on furniture and often become some of the most loyal companions you could ever meet. Indy was 5 when I adopted her, Aspen was 9 years old and Daisy was 4. I’ve never regretted adopting any one of my older dogs – not a one. In fact, I will probably always adopt an older dog. They are some of the best dogs I have ever had.

My question to you is Why Must You Have a Puppy? Why not an older dog? And, if you have to have a puppy, why not one from a local animal shelter or rescue organization? Why does it have to be purchased from “a breeder”, most likely one that you know nothing about (something they depend on – believe me)? Or, from a pet store that is supplied by puppy mills?

Why not an older dog? You should see how much more they have to offer. You wouldn’t be disappointed. Really.

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