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To Foster or Not to Foster. That is the Question.

August 8, 2011 27 comments

I’m thinking about volunteering again. Fostering. Haven’t quite made the steps to do it yet. Lots of things running through my mind about it right now.

Am I ready to foster again?

Are Daisy and Jasper ready to share their home with another dog that may be here a while?

Do I volunteer with a really great organization, where many of my former friends from the now-defunct Minnesota Valley Humane Society are volunteering, or go with another organization?

Could I turn down a face like this that needs a foster now? I love Bassetts. They always make me smile.

Should I volunteer with a rescue organization that rescues a particular breed of dog like Minnesota Sheltie Rescue? I love Shelties a lot and I know the breed well.

So much to ponder and no real answers yet, but I feel my heart pulling in a particular direction.
The question is what will I do?

Have you fostered before? What things did you consider before fostering?

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