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There but for the grace of…

January 22, 2012 9 comments

This past week Minnesota Sheltie Rescue alerted us to another missing dog in my neck of the woods. This dog was also shy and a foster dog, but with another local rescue group, RAGOM – Retrieve a Golden of Minnesota. I couldn’t help but be worried about him. Unlike Lady, Kekoa didn’t appear to have as thick a coat as her and temperatures this week have been below zero.

I had planned to help hand out flyers today, but yesterday Kekoa was found. Unfortunately, he was not found in the way any of us had hoped. Kekoa’s story does not have such a happy ending. His body was discovered yesterday. He had been hit by a car after getting through the fencing along a highway.

I can’t help but feel deeply saddened by this outcome. I felt so connected to Kekoa’s story. He got away from his foster mom too.

What Lady and I and her rescue volunteers went through is still so fresh in my mind. My memories of how she was found and the joy I felt knowing I no longer had to worry where she was and whether was she in danger. I just wasn’t prepared for an outcome that didn’t end have another happy reunion ending with tears of joy.

Why did Lady come home safely and not Kekoa? I mean she was lost on one side of a very busy highway and was found on the other side of it. Certainly she had to have crossed over it somehow.

When we were out searching for her those twelve long days, I noticed a huge gap in the fencing right along a new bridge that had just been completed this past summer. The bridge crosses over the same highway Lady had to cross and ends fairly close to where she was eventually found. So if she did cross there, why did she not run through the gap in the fence? Why did she not head down the embankment and onto the highway? I can’t help but wonder why Kekoa and not her?

I often hear people say “There but for the grace of God go I,” and I admit that last night I thought that very thing for one brief moment – that it was God’s grace that brought Lady through it all. But then where does that leave Kekoa and the people who searched so diligently for him? Surely he had God’s grace looking upon him too? I know there were prayers said for him, just like they were for Lady. So what made his outcome so different?

I don’t suppose anyone will ever really know the answer to that question, but what I do know is that right now I feel even more thankful tonight as I reflect on the pain and sorrow that Kekoa’s family and caretakers are feeling right now. They did all the same things that were done to help find Lady, and yet, they do not have the happy ending they and Kekoa so deserved. I am so deeply sorry for their loss. Rest in peace dear Kekoa.

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