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Black and White Sunday #177 – Brittany Spaniel Puppy

June 18, 2016 3 comments

Brittany Spaniel at the dog park, 5 months old

Favorite Video Friday – Puppy in Mud

April 8, 2016 6 comments

Last week, I shared 3 muddy dog videos to call out all the fun that spring brings for dogs (and dog owners). I was thinking maybe a bath video was the most likely follow up piece, but then I found this week’s video and I just had to share.

Can you stand one more muddy dog video? This one features a puppy who is making most of the mud hole she finds. How can you resists a puppy in mud anyways? 🙂


Happy Friday everyone!


And then, there’s the after mud bath play time. 🙂

Favorite Video Friday – Golden Retriever cuteness

January 22, 2016 5 comments


This week’s Favorite Friday Video is all Golden Retriever cuteness. I love puppies (who doesn’t?) and especially Golden Retriever and Lab puppies. I think it’s all that wrinkly skin that they have yet to grow into. They are just so squishy and cuddly cute!

Boomer looks like the perfect little puppy. He’s curious, courageous and fun.

He is everything you need to start your day off right.

I hope this week’s pick will make you smile. Happy Friday!

Wordless Wednesday #254 – Playing with Gracie

August 25, 2015 6 comments

Made me laugh. Gracie shaking as he older sister, Bella, watches.

Mico and Gracie

Nicole and Gracie #dogpark #labradorretriever #dogs

Mico and Gracie playing #dogpark #labradorretriever #puppy

Despite how this looks, this lab was so gentle with puppy Gracie. #dogpark

Favorite Video Friday – Golden Retriever fun in the snow

December 26, 2014 6 comments

Now that the presents have been opened, Christmas dinner has been eaten and desert devoured, it’s time for a long winter’s nap right? Wrong!

It’s time to play in the snow!

Not sure about that? What if I said it was with some Golden Retriever puppies?

Yeah. That’s what I thought you would say.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – I don’t wanna get up!

June 6, 2014 7 comments

Many of you may have seen this one already, but I just couldn’t resist sharing.

If there was ever a dog that could mimic how I am feeling this morning, it is this Great Dane puppy. Don’t we all have days like this?

Happy Friday everyone! (Sleep in tomorrow, ya here?) 🙂


Favorite Video Friday – Bernese Mountain Dog puppy

March 14, 2014 6 comments

There is just something about a puppy that makes the heart melt. They are awkward and clumsy and adventurous and playful, and they have a curiosity that only comes with being new to this world.

And although I will likely never get a puppy again (they have more energy than I do at this point), I still love to watch them play and explore their world. Maybe that’s why this video appealed to me.

This week’s video features a Bernese Mountain Dog puppy named Nilah. She is BEYOND adorable! I sure hope her little video brings a smile to your face. She certainly did for me.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Puppy vs. Orange

August 23, 2013 15 comments

After a crazy week, I needed a bit of fun to start off the weekend. So, after looking high and low for a video that would make me smile and laugh, I came across this gem.

Leave it to a puppy to remind you how much fun can be had with an orange!

Roxy is absolutely adorable. She makes me smile with her antics and laugh at her fierceness. I hope you enjoy her in all her puppy-ness.

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – For Love of a Lab Puppy

December 6, 2012 18 comments

I love videos that feature puppies. Mostly because they are just so darn cute at that age, but also because everything is so new and interesting to them. Watching them explore their world is better than watching TV.

I especially love it when someone captures these adorable and wonderous moments on film and sets them to music, as these owners did. Such a sweet video. Bailey is adorable isn’t she?

Have a happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – Mango plays with his food

November 8, 2012 19 comments

This week’s video features another adorable Corgi (Are there really any Corgis out there that aren’t cute?).

Mango is a puppy, and based on this video, quite an entertaining one at that. I couldn’t help but laugh at the amount of work he put into eating just one piece of kibble.

Then again, maybe Mango is on to something here. What if we all jumped and did play bows before eating one bite of food? Aerobics what? Treadmill where? Hmmm…

Have a wonderful Friday everyone!

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