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Playing on Both Sides of the Fence. Again? Sigh.

September 14, 2011 40 comments

My Response to BlogPaws can be seen here.

I was all set to write something witty or something funny tonight, but all I feel is let down, disappointed and somewhat defeated. I was looking up something on the BlogPaws website tonight and happened across the guest speaker list. Sigh. There he was again, Michael Ayalon, the Pet Web Designer. The man I had written about last summer. The man I had first followed on Twitter because I thought he was in business for the animals. The man who seemed like such a “nice guy” until I started looking into a questionable veterinarian for a friend and I came across “his” name. And it was EVERYWHERE. Or, should I say his name and his internet aliases were everywhere?

You can read the full details from my blog post, Dogs: Playing on Both Sides of the Fence, but it probably won’t hold as much weight now as it did back then. As soon as he realized he was exposed, he started changing all his aliases and taking down websites to hide his other work. Oh no. Not the work he did for animal welfare organizations, like the ASPCA, I mean the work he did/does for puppy mills and internet-selling-puppy-mill-breeders. You see, this man was promoting himself to animal organizations while also creating websites for what I consider the lowest scum of the earth, puppy mills breeders.

He’s so good that he even won an award from the ASPCA for his good works. Although, it appears that he’s the only one promoting that fact since it appears the ASPCA has removed him from their list of recipients for 2010 (my kudos to the ASPCA). Now the only one promoting the fact that he won is him. See here. Or just look at the whole list and see how he promotes his award.

He was also named one of the Top 25 Pet People of 2010 by Perhaps, Petside and I just define “Pet People” differently. I prefer to think of pet people as the people who love pets enough to want to stop puppy mills and promote animal welfare and pet adoption. Either way, it was a disappointing to see his name on their list.

But hey, he’s public about it now so no big deal right? After all, all his client kudos and testimonials are right there on his website for everyone to read. He even includes a link to some of the sites on his testimonial page. You can check one out here. Or maybe here, and if you do check this one out, don’t miss all the different kinds of puppies they have available. Great work huh?

The only difference between now and last year is that it appears he’s diversified his client list a bit (if you are going off the his list of testimonials). His page now include all sorts of pet businesses who may or may not know about his other work. Legitimacy? Apparently.

For someone who adopted and rehabbed a former puppy mill breeding dog, and has tried her best to educate people about puppy mills, it is beyond disappointing to see that once again the puppy mills win. I am deeply disappointed to see that BlogPaws would include people like Mike Arms, president of the Helen Woodward Animal Center, and Krissie Newman, co-founder of the Ryan Newman Foundation, on the same guest speaker list as this man. Perhaps the fight is too big. Perhaps the avenues available to puppy millers are just too many and all I am doing is playing whack-a-mole with no hope of success in sight. Yes. Tonight I am disappointed once again. Sigh.

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