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Pet Taxis – Fido hails a cab

April 16, 2009 1 comment

j0213529I was sitting at a coffee shop talking to a friend about social networking a few weeks ago. While we were talking, a friend of hers called on her cell phone. During their quick conversation, she began laughing and said to me, “My friend is in downtown Manhattan and just saw a Pet Taxi go by.” I am sure it must have caught her off-guard. Pet Taxi? Seriously? Who knew?

Actually, pet taxi’s are becoming much more common than you think. In fact, many pet sitters now offer this as a service to their clients. In big cities, like New York, you are more likely to see them everywhere. Pet Taxis can also be found in other countries.

Need to take your dog to the groomer but can’t take the time off work? Have an emergency medical issue with your pet but unable to get your pet there? A pet taxi is the perfect solution, especially if you already are working with a pet sitter. They provide a great service for busy people with busy lives. And, it’s affordable too!

Here’s a few links to information about pet taxis. Check them out.
Pampered Puppy: “Taking the High Road”
ASPCA: “Pet Taxis in New York City”
Sittercity: “Petsitting definitions: From Pet Taxis to Doggy Hotels”

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