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How has your pet motivated you?

July 8, 2012 25 comments

The other day I saw this picture and immediately thought, “I wonder how much this dog has changed the lives of those who adopted him?”

Do you remember Daniel’s story?

Daniel was the dog who went into a gas chamber in Alabama and was still standing with his tail wagging when they opened the door. Because he survived the gas chamber he was given a chance at life. He was transported by Pilots N Paws to a rescue in New Jersey.

What a long way he has come since that story first hit the internet. Daniel now has a new family in New Jersey and several sisters and brothers to play with. He is also working to end the use of gas chambers to kill animals in the United States.

Who could have ever guessed that his survival would lead to such a wonderful ending? Or that it would motivate his owner, and others, to take action?

Daniel’s story made me realize how much my own dogs have changed my life.

When I chose to adopt Daisy, my Lab, I did it to protect her. I didn’t want her to go to a home or family that might not understand her special needs. Even with my limited skills and knowledge, I knew I could provide her with a better home than someone who had never had a dog before or who had never had a shy and fearful dog.

Never once did I think adopting Daisy would lead me to get educated about puppy mills or to share that knowledge with others. I never expected sharing Daisy’s story might help others with puppy mill dogs. She has changed my life and what is important to me. She motivated me to get involved.

Daisy enjoying some pool time – something she never would have experienced in the puppy mill she came from

Knowing Jasper came from similar circumstances only made me more motivated to learn more about the connection between the pet stores who sell puppies and the puppy mills that provide them. (Yes. 99% of all pet store puppies really do come from puppy mills.)

Lady changed my life too. Losing her for 12 days not only taught the importance of giving back and helping others (because lord knows I received an amazing amount off help and support while she was missing), but it also motivated me to want to share what I learned with others. Without Lady, I never would have gotten involved in helping people find their lost pets or sharing their missing pets’ pictures and stories with others.

I don’t know if you have had the same experience, but having Daisy, Jasper and Lady in my life has changed me. They have given me causes to rally around. They have motivated me to get involved in ways I never expected.

So I was wondering… How has your pet changed or motivated you? What have you done or gotten involved in as a result of your pet? I’d love to hear your story.

Lady hanging out at the dog park – back home safe

Positive Stories About Pets & Home for Life

August 3, 2010 2 comments

I heard about Daryn Kagan while listening to my local radio station. She is a former CNN anchor who left and created her own website to share positive news stories – of all kinds. I love that there is a place to go to get inspiring news stories. It’s a great way to start your day!

Among the topics she covers is Animals. You can choose from a wide selection of pet news stories that are sure to warm your heart or make you cry a happy cry or inspire you in some way. Here is the story of a local organization that is making a difference for animals here in Minnesota. It’s called Home for Life. My dog, Daisy, and I participated in their fundraiser at the Mall of America this past year.

Home for Life is an organization that gives animals a “home for life.” It’s an inspiring story, not only for what they do every day, but how they began. I would encourage you to check it out.

in the meantime, enjoy Daryn’s site and her stories.

Favorite Video Friday: Puppy Rescue

July 2, 2010 4 comments

All of us have heard stories from time to time of dogs rescuing their humans from terrible danger. Just this past winter, there was the story of a German Shepherd who led an Alaskan State Trooper to his owner’s burning house.

This time the roles are reversed. Watch as a human saves a dog. God bless Zak Anderegg. He went above and beyond.

Puppy Rescue

This is No Dog About It Blog’s Favorite Video for this week.

Adopted Dogs: Little Stories of Hope

February 11, 2010 Leave a comment

Sometimes it can be difficult to volunteer at an animal shelter. The animal shelter is the place where you hear sad stories of pets who lost their home when their owner died or became disabled, or where they were given up because the couple had recently had a baby and their dog became more work than they could handle, or the cat was given up because it became ill or needed medication. If you’ve worked in a rescue organization or in an animal shelter, then you know what I mean.

But, every once in a while a story comes along that lights up your day and leaves you with a smile on your face, and if the story is really touching, it brings tears to your eyes. Today was just such a day.

Two very special dogs that we have had at our shelter recently found new homes and today many of us volunteers got not one, but two, e-mails giving us an update on their progress. I couldn’t help but share the joy.

The first dog, a Beagle, came to us so massively overweight that he could barely walk across the parking lot. The owner hadn’t been able to walk him due to a disability, and so she fed him lots and lots of treats instead. When he came to us, Bear (name changed for privacy purposes) was clearly miserable and he had a hard time moving his body. The poor boy was so sweet that he was an instant hit with the staff and volunteers. Everyone worked with him and walked him slowly around the property so he could work his way up to a longer walk. We all worried that potential adopters wouldn’t see the beauty that lay within this sweet boy. Well, today we found out that Bear has not only lost weight, but he is very close to making a 3/4 mile walk down to his new owner’s mailbox in the morning! A very big accomplishment indeed! In his new home, Bear enjoys walks along the country fields and roads where he now lives (could there be a more perfect place for a Beagle?) and he is starting to climb snowdrifts. According to his new owner, he actually started to run the other day! To see what Bear looked like when he came to us and know that he is well on his way to enjoying the rest of his life with some very loving and dedicated parents was enough to bring tears to our eyes. Bear is one very lucky boy!

The second e-mail update came from the new owner of one our very special dogs that stayed with us for a very long time. Ralph (name changed for privacy purposes), is a high-energy Springer Spaniel, who just needed some additional training and someone very special who could continue to work with him and exercise him on a regular basis. Back in November, Ralph had been adopted only to be returned when the family realized they couldn’t handle his high-energy needs. As you can imagine, it was very disheartening to all of us to see him come back again. No one wanted him to go to another home unless it was a very good match. Lucky for Ralph, his special family was out there, ready and waiting for him. He got adopted by a family with children. The e-mail shared all the wonderful news of how well he has fit into their family and how he goes on daily walks and is already enrolled in a canine training class. It even shared some of his obedience successes! It appears Ralph is even more affectionate with the kids than their last dog. And he is showing some promise as a hunting dog! The e-mail ended with the phrase “We cannot understand why the family in November returned (Ralph), but we’re sure glad they did!” That one phrase brought tears to my eyes.

Yes. It can be hard to volunteer at an animal shelter, but once in a while the good stories make up for it all. I hope that more people choose to adopt a cat or dog and add to the list of good stories. I promise you, those are the ones we want to hear anyways.

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