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Has your dog opened a new world for you?

February 4, 2013 26 comments

Dog worldThe other day I saw this picture and quote posted on Facebook. It immediately set my mind to thinking.

We have all heard the news stories touting the health benefits of dogs and cats – how they enrich our lives, lower out heart rates and make us get outside and get exercise (even in the frigid cold temperatures in Minnesota!).

But, do they open our worlds for us? Do they make us see things we may not have seen before? Or, help us to realize the vast possibilities before us?

I know that my dogs have taught me to be more balanced and calmer. I’m not sure that has necessarily opened new worlds for me, but it has made me a better person for my dogs to be around.

I think I have explored more, tried more things, and sought new places to walk because of my dogs. I love seeing them explore a new place (noses to the ground, running through the woods, enjoying the water, etc.) and try new things. I guess if you think about it, I am trying new things too!

Perhaps the area in which my dogs have opened a new world for me is through blogging. I started blogging to catalog Daisy’s progress as a puppy mill dog, nothing more, nothing less. I never imagined becoming a part of a blogging community that loves dogs and cats, or having such fantastic readers like you (or readers at all!) who challenge me and comfort me, or learning so much more about dogs and the business that surrounds them. I never imagined running my own business and caring for other people’s pets either. My dogs gave me that too.

The more I think about it, maybe dogs do open a new world for us. What do you think? Has your dog opened a new world for you? How?

Top 10 2010 Favorite Dog Blog Posts

January 3, 2011 15 comments

I’m a little late to this party seeing that Dancing Dog Blog and Dr. V introduced this little idea at the end of December, but I figured it was worth sharing my favs when it comes to blog posts. A few are repeats from an earlier blog post I did back in September, but since that one wasn’t exclusive to dogs, I added in some other ones.

So here you go. Here are my favorites from 2010.

1. Passage: Dr. Jessica V is a vet who writes from the heart. This blog post left me thinking – how often do we make judgements about others without knowing the whole story. Read and find out.

2. Let’s be fair: Mary Doane is a dog owner, turtle expert, and nature educator. She also created and runs Project Nature. Mary took in her first foster dog, a fearful dog named Aaron, this year. Her commentary on shelter dogs and purebred dogs is powerful and yet reads like poetry at times.

3. Last Night I Dreamt of Snow Anyone who is a pet owner knows how hard it can be when they get sick or it is time to say goodbye. Jasper Roo and his Dad blogged about his journey through cancer and dealing with the inevitable moment when it came time to say goodbye. It is powerful and raw and worth reading. Make sure you also check out Jasper’s professional photos as taken by SaraBeth Photography. Stunning stuff.

4. Just a Dog: This is really a video, but it was posted on Life With Dogs and moved me so much it brought me to tears. Powerful enough for me to include it as a blog post. Enjoy.

5. Your Dog Won’t Hate You. This I know.: This post comes from Edie Jarolim at Will My Dog Hate Me. It struck a chord with me not only because how sad the woman was in the e-mail Edie shared, but by the comments left by the people who read this post. There is compassion in this world. I read it here.

6. Breeding Dogs vs. The Horrors of Inbreeding: This post opened my eyes to the world of dog breeding and dog shows in a way it had not been before. I was so amazed at the information Kim Clune shared in this post that I had to go out and watch the whole BBC series: Pedigree Dogs Exposed. I think every dog owner should read this post and watch the videos before getting their next dog.

7. Life is One Continuous Mistake Patricia McConnell is a wise animal behaviorist and dog trainer. Her willingness to share her own knowledge and experiences with her dogs is amazing. This post is powerful because it had a message for me. I hope you will find your own message as you read it.

8. Writing A Will That Includes Your Pets is from Go Pet Friendly’s Blog – Take Paws This post is great reminder to all of us that caring for our pets when we are gone is just as important as caring for them when we are alive. Amy and Rod share their thoughts on creating a will that includes your pets. (P.S. I also loved “Achieving Balance with Pets in Yellowstone” and “The Importance of Stopping” for personal reasons.)

9. Corporate Charity: When Bloggers Unite, Who Really Benefits? by Dancing Dog Blog was perhaps one of the most eye-opening and food-for-thought blog posts. As dog bloggers, we all face the question of what we will and won’t endorse when it comes to pets. Mary’s post generated a great discussion and left many of us thinking. If you read it make sure you read the comments too! I have also been avidly following Mary’s reports on Chicago’s Animal Care and Control issues since she first started reporting on them. It is always concerning to hear about a government facility being run so poorly, especially when animals lives are at stake. I recommend reading Mary’s posts here, here, here, and here.

10. Origami & the art of folding behavior is one of those blog posts that leaves you thinking for days and weeks afterwards. Debbie Jacobs of Fearful Dogs Blog not only wrote a beautiful blog post (it reads like a poetry), but it was powerful. It is a great reminder for pet and kid parents alike that every interaction leaves an imprint. In this case, Debbie was talking about dogs, but I can just as easily imagine the message resonating with parents too.

Okay. Okay. I cheated again and added just one more post.

11. A Fearful Dog Speaks was written by Kevin Myers of Dog Lover’s This post was so powerful for me because it rang so true for my experience with Daisy (my Lab and former puppy mill dog). If you ever consider taking in or adopting a puppy mill dog or a fearful dog, read Kevin’s post first. It will help you in deciding whether you are the right person for the job. And, even if you aren’t planning to adopt or take in a fearful dog, read it anyways. It’s really good!

Dogs and You: Who’s in Charge? The Trainer or You?

June 16, 2009 4 comments

CB106189Just this evening I was tweeted a blog post on the benefits of clicker training. It wasn’t the part about the benefits of clicker training that disturbed me. It was the personal story that prefaced it.

For the sake of anonymity, I am going to refrain from mentioning the blog (no links this time folks), but I will say that I am not making an overall judgement of the owner, rather pointing out the enormous responsibilty we have as dog owners to protect them at all times – from those who would do them harm whether they be a person on the street or a person who specializes in animal care or training.
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