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Black and White Sunday #125 – The beautiful and unique, Ian

April 11, 2015 16 comments

Saturday was the Minnesota Sheltie Rescue Reunion. I have never seen so many Shelties and humans in one place before!

One Sheltie that I have adored from afar is Ian. He used to be a lot like Foster Maggie – skittish, fearful and very nervous around people. It was quite a pleasant surprise to see him at the event and to see him doing so well. He actually took a few treats from me!

He is such a unique-looking Sheltie. I couldn’t help but snap a picture of him. He’s quite the stunner.

Ian was recently adopted by his foster parents. He came to MN Sheltie Rescue 3 years ago. He was a puppy mill breeding dog. What progress!!! #MNSR #Sheltie

My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

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