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Animal Celebrity Showdown – Who would you choose?

August 21, 2011 21 comments

I am not a big celebrity follower, but last week I happened to see a news release from featuring recent polling results for the most popular and least popular celebrities in America.

Betty White won the list as the most popular and most trusted celebrity, while Paris Hilton took the top of the list for least popular.

It got me to wondering… If there was a poll asking animal lovers which celebrities they would place at the top of their popular and unpopular lists when it comes to animals, whom would they choose?

I’d definitely put Michael Vick at the top of my least popular list, but when it comes to most popular I have a hard time deciding. Victoria Stilwell? Andrea Arden? Ian Dunbar? Patricia McConnell? Hmmm.. Tough decision.

Who would top your list for most popular and least popular?


Oprah Winfrey vs. Michael Vick = The Interview

February 15, 2011 16 comments

Word is out today that Oprah Winfrey is going to interview Philadelphia Eagles Quarterback, Michael Vick (the show is set to air on February 24th). This may be Oprah’s most important interview ever. Not because Vick is the most important interview subject she’s ever had, but because people have such strong opinions on either side of this issue.

Football fans and Vick supporters will be watching to see if Oprah will treat Vick unfairly in the the interview. This comment taken from the pretty much sums it up:


Animal rights and animal lovers will be angry she in interviewing Vick at all, but will likely be watching to see if she throws him softballs instead of asking him the hard questions. This comment taken from Winfrey’s own website is just an example:

“I am absolutely shocked that Oprah would have this monster on her show. The dogs he viciously abused and killed had no voice. It was bad enough that he is being feted in his city, but for Oprah to give him any time is unbelievable…”

Either way, Oprah is likely to garner a lot of attention and viewers for this one-on-one interview. In my opinion, she is going to have to play this one very carefully. There are a lot of strong emotions at play here and as we already know from past news stories on Michael Vick, there is little chance that everyone will see this interview the same way. Some will think she was too hard on him, while others will think she was too soft. Either way you look at it, I would not want to be Oprah Winfrey today or on February 24th.

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