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Dog Breed Quiz – How will you do?

February 17, 2011 10 comments

Yesterday, Kristine from the blog Rescued Insanity posted a story about how she was about to submit DNA from her dog, Shiva, to be tested. I am anxiously awaiting the results since I participated in the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour and submitted my own guesses on her breed. I wonder if I even came close?

Anyways, included in Kristine’s post was a link to the Name That Breed quiz by Pet’s Direct. She scored 100% on the quiz. So did I! I guess a pet sitter and dog walker should huh?

How will you do? Take it and see!

Created by Pets Direct
Dog Breed Quiz

Magical Mystery Mutt Tour

February 5, 2011 31 comments

I wasn’t going to participate in this round of blog hops since both of my current dogs (although shelter dogs) are full-breeds, but I was having so much fun guessing other’s people’s dog breed mixes that I decided to submit Aspen. Thanks to fellow bloggers Peggy Frezon, Pup Fan and Edie Jarolim, for starting this new blog hop: The Magical Mystery Mutt Tour. I am having a blast guessing the breeds.

Want to participate? Post your pictures of your mutt, add your blog to the linky tool list and ask readers to guess their make up!


Aspen was my last dog. I only had her a year but she was the most awesome dog ever! I adopted her at 9 years old and lost her at 10. She was a vibrant, fun, sweet and lovable girl. She had a nose for smells (that’s likely a hint) and loved to run (thus the need to always be in an enclosed space before she could be let off leash!) In fact, Aspen escaped my house many times when someone opened the front door, but she always came back for food. She loved attention, loved other dogs and was great with kids. She was about the most even-tempered and happiest dog I have ever had.

I have had my guesses about her mix, but I will leave you to see if you can come up with just the right combination!

Once you are done guessing, make sure to check out the other participating blogs! There are a lot of awesome canines out there waiting for you.

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