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And I thought a dog bed was a cushion on the floor

November 14, 2011 32 comments

I was scrolling through Facebook last night – commenting on friend’s posts, sharing a few of my own, and reading up on some interesting stories. That’s when I cam across this. A dog bed even I could love!

All my dogs have been happy with the traditional dog beds – a stuffed pillowy sort of bed that lies on the floor. I’m guessing many of you have the same sort of thing in your homes. But, seeing this elaborate dog bed made me wonder what other types of dog beds are out there.

I wrote about a bean bag dog bed last December after my client purchased one for each of her dogs. As you can see, Nika and Dylan, absolutely love them.

Nika & Dylan in their bean bag beds

My search showed some other interesting selections, but I’m not so sure that my dogs would ever love these. Then again, maybe they would! Got a favorite? Or, do you have a favorite of your own that you don’t see here? Feel free to share a link to it. I’d love to see it.

Pet Murphy Dog Bed

Unique Beast 50805 Sasquatch II Kings Blue Eva Pet Bed

Metropolitan Dog Bed from PlumStruck

Praline & Brown Teddy Microvelvet Buttercup Dog Bed

Princess Car Dog Bed

Premier Sofa Dog Beds

The Hollywood Bed

Napolean Empire Ebony Dog Bed in Stripes

Doggie Side Sleeper

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