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Loose dogs in the neighborhood – What do you do?

June 9, 2014 59 comments

PugThis morning I let the dogs out to do their business like I usually do, but within minutes they were waking up the neighborhood with some very loud (and obnoxious) barking. Shelties are known barkers, but this barking had an intensity to it that I don’t usually hear from them unless it is a runner or another dog.

I raced outside to see both Jasper and Cupcake at the fence barking like crazy at something on the other side of it. I had an inkling what they were barking at as soon as I saw them there, but I walked over to see anyways. Yup. There he was again. The neighborhood stray (I say that with sarcasm). Standing next to the neighbor’s bushes.

The a little black and white Pomeranian-mix has been loose in my neighborhood many times. I’ve come to suspect his owner is either incapable of keeping him from getting loose, or doesn’t give a crap where his/her dog is, or that he has almost been hit by a car in the past. For the past three summers I have seen him running from house to house, marking his territory, disturbing the neighborhood’s dogs by coming to the fence and then running off before anyone can get him to approach them. I’ve tried many times to trick him into approaching me, but he has become to0 wise to the ways of us humans and is determined not to be caught (he doesn’t even stick around long enough for me to lay on the ground or to open a car door).

I know he is making it home often enough to get a good grooming because I have seen him in both long and short hair. He is not a lost or stray dog, but more accurately, a dog who is either let loose to roam the neighborhood or gets loose from his owner all of the time. I just wish I could follow him home so I could speak with the owner and find out why he is always loose. If it is a matter of an owner not knowing how to keep him safe then that is one thing, I am more than willing to offer him/her a few tips, but if it is a matter of the owner just letting him roam then we may have to have words.

There is no reason for this dog to be wandering the neighborhood all of the time. It is annoying and it is dangerous. It could be killed in any number of ways – coyotes have been known to roam the neighborhood, cars drive way too fast down my street, and not all dogs appreciate a little dog coming into their territory. This little dog may run out of luck one day. I can only hope I can find the owner before that happens.

Do you have dogs that roam your neighborhood unattended? Do you have neighbors who do not keep their dogs contained in their yard? What have you done to deal with it? I would love to get your input.

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