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Life With Desmond – A blog to follow

December 18, 2012 15 comments

DesmondToday, I thought I would do something a little unusual and highlight another blogger, someone I admire.

We bloggers used to do this quite often a few years ago. We would read another blogger’s post, be inspired, and feel the need to expand upon the topic or share our own  experience. As life has gotten busier, I have found myself less able to read all the blogs I would like, but there is one blog I like to visit (and one Instagram feed I like to follow) because I always feel like I learn something new and because I admire the blogger.

So let me tell you a little something about Lauren Forge, the author of Life with Desmond.

  1. Lauren has one of the coolest and cutest dogs around – his name is Desmond.

  2. She is studying to be a professional dog trainer (Did I mention that I happen to love dog trainers?)

  3. She is editor and a manager who has quite a talent for writing.

  4. She has shared some of her personal challenges with her lovebug Desmond, including anxiety, leash reactivity, and Canine Esophageal Stricture.

  5. She has been through some pretty tough times lately. Hurricane Sandy destroyed her home and she has had to live in her parent’s home, in a hotel and an apartment with her husband, Joey, and Desmond.

  6. She manages to keep her sense of humor despite the challenges. (I love the pictures and captions in this post!) In the meantime, Desmond has learned to dance Gangnam Style.

  7. She has lots of give-aways (Worth checking out of you like to win stuff!)

These are among some of my favorite posts by Lauren:

I hope you will take the time top say hello to Lauren and Desmond and maybe even offer her a few words of encouragement as she and Joey and Desmond try to put their lives back together, post Hurricane Katrina.

Photo Credit: Lauren Forge, Life With Desmond.

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