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My vote for TV tonight? Hero Dogs of 9/11 on Animal Planet

September 9, 2013 11 comments

Search and Rescue dogToday I would like to highlight a beautiful film that will air tonight on Animal Planet – Hero Dogs of 9/11.

Back several years ago, when I was a new dog blogger, I had the opportunity to see a short film called by the very same name. The film was created by a fellow blogger and videographer, Kenn Bell of The Dog Files. I remember the social media sensation it caused and how my fellow bloggers and I shared it on Facebook and Twitter. It was emotional and touching and so beautifully filmed. The film Kenn Bell created was not only a memorial to the dogs who served on that day, but also a reminder to all of us that man’s best friend is so much more than “just a dog.” He is a rescuer, a companion, a friend, and a hero.

A few years later, Kenn’s film was featured at BlogPaws and it generated a lot of buzz from those who were there to see it. I may not have been there, but I watched it again at home and remembered the feelings and emotions I had on that day. Through all the horrors that day, and the long days afterwards, the hero dogs of 9/11 were there to search, to rescue and to comfort.

I have seen many of Kenn’s other wonderful videos featuring some of the most amazing dogs, but it is this one that has continued to resonate with me. So when I read that Kenn had been working on an expanded version of his original film, I was thrilled.  How wonderful to see these amazing dogs recognized once again in an hour-long special.

You can read Kenn’s own thoughts on this momentous occasion, but I hope you will do more than that. I hope you will watch it when it airs tonight.

I promise. You won’t be disappointed.

Hero Dogs of 9/11 airs tonight, Tuesday, September 10 at 8 PM ET/PT (and 7 PM Central Time) on Animal Planet

You can watch a preview here.

You can also watch another one of Kenn’s short films highlighting the ceremony that was held on September 11, 2011, to recognize the dogs who served on 9/11 – Hero Dogs of 9/11: Legacy.

Let Us All Be For Dogs

August 7, 2012 10 comments

Dog Files creator and filmmaker, Ken Bell, recently posted a video on his blog (Iowa Congressman Steve King Defends The Right To Watch Dog Fighting) showing Congressman Steve King from Iowa speaking about his views on dog fighting and his position on creating laws to outlaw it. As you can imagine, it created quite an outrage in the dog world and beyond.

Suddenly, what was mostly about a Congressman’s support for a cruel practice that often has criminal elements attached to it, became some sort of political attack on the candidate himself (ah yes, this is the world we appear to live in today).  Supporters of Mr. King started to go a little crazy on Kenn Bell. They attacked him viciously for posting the video. They accused him of playing partisan politics and said hateful things to him and others who commented on his post.

Kenn certainly could have let it all go on and on and let the commenters duke it out on his blog. He could have just let it go and not commented at all. He also could have taken the post down, which I am sure was part of motivation of the attackers. But, instead he did something classy. He wrote a great post that highlighted something I think all of us dog lovers can rally around.

I’ll let you read his post, Partisan Politics? I’m On The Side Of The Dogs: Dog Files Opinion, but let me share with you the one statement that really clicked with me:

And the ONLY way we will EVER be able to fight animal abuse is to successfully maneuver through the government corridors of Washington, DC. And the ONLY way to do that is with a UNITED FRONT OF DOG LOVERS.

I agree with Ken. Let’s stop letting the politicians and their minions tell us what we stand for. Let us not play along with their game to use dogs to get us to side with them on a particular issue. Let us become a united front against legislation that hurts dogs and be for legislation that supports them.

Let us all be for dogs.

Favorite Video Friday: Hero Dogs of 9/11

September 10, 2010 6 comments

It was September 10th.

It was the day before.

Maybe they were hanging out with their family. Or, maybe they were waiting for that last walk before bed. Perhaps they were doing a last bit of training, or sleeping in their doggie bed, preparing for THAT DAY when they would be called upon to help.

Whatever they were doing on September 10th, they did not, could not, know what would happen the next day. They did not know what they would be asked to do. Or, how they would be looked upon with such hope, by so many humans. They could not have planned (although they had trained) for the next day or the days to come. But they came, and they did what they were trained to do.

Today, on September 10th, we honor those four-legged heros who helped on September 11, 2001. This video is being shared with you thanks to the hard work and dedication of Kenn Bell at The Dog Files. Many thanks to Kenn for creating this beautiful tribute to the Hero Dogs of 9/11. I hope you will love this video as much as I did. It obviously was a creation of love.

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