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Crazy Cat Lady? No…Crazy? Maybe!

September 9, 2009 Leave a comment
Nick-My Cat

Nick-My Cat

When one is an animal lover and a rescuer of animals, you tend to invite chaos into your life. At least, that’s always been the case for me. My life is full of madcap adventures involving animals. Whether raising a baby robin from hatchling to adulthood or rescuing a stray dog on the street. I’m always finding myself in the “thick of things” when it comes to animals.

Like the time I tried to save two dogs from being run over on a busy street near my mom’s house. Not only did they follow me (in my car) to my mother’s house, but they also jumped into my trunk (with tails wagging and smiles on their faces) as I was removing some dog food. By the time someone had come to collect them, they had already made themselves at home in my mother’s house! That was after sneaking past me as I was going inside. As a side note, I also had a cousin stop by in the midst of this chaos and as he was leaving I locked myself out of the house!

Or, the time I offered to foster an unsocialized Dalmatian that had been brought into the shelter with his 2 brothers and sister. I decided he would be less overwhelmed if I confined him in a spare room while I went on a quick client appointment. Big mistake. By the time I came home Pixel had not only shredded my blinds, but had torn them down completely. He also shredded a blanket I had left for him. It turns out that Pixel did not like being left all alone, and after going through several blankets and bins of shredded newspaper, I discovered that Pixel was completely fine if he was allowed to be with my dog Daisy. Who knew?

Then there was the time I decided to take two cats into my home. Who could have known that I was highly allergic to cats? Not me! I couldn’t just give them up after offering them a new home could I? Allergy meds really do work wonders when you need them.

I think perhaps my craziest adventure happened just within the last two weeks. And, all of it happened within the first three hours of one day. In that time period: my client’s dog raided every treat bag in my car that within his reach (did I mention he was taking a drug that made him very, very hungry?), I almost ran out of gas because I ran into unexpected road construction which required me to drive out of my way and waste a lot of gas, I was pulled over for speeding trying to get to a gas station before I ran out of gas, and I saved a dog’s life after he was nearly hit by two cars (right in front of me) on a busy single lane highway.

As you can probably guess, my family enjoys hearing about these little adventures at our holiday gatherings. Yep. They think I’m crazy. But they also know that I am VERY passionate about animals (of all kinds). I may not be the crazy cat lady, but I just may be crazy!

So what about you? Do you have any crazy animal or animal rescue stories of your own?
Come on! I can’t be the ONLY one here. Right? No really. Please share your stories. (Pretty please?)

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