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Wordless Wednesday #358 – Sunset horses

November 29, 2017 5 comments

Sunset on the farm. Owen, Gypsy and Aunt Bea

Wordless Wednesday #338 – Release the Beasts!

June 21, 2017 10 comments

Here come Moon and Timber! 6/17/17

Timber 6/17/17

Release the Beasts 6/17/17

Timber, Paavo and Titan 6/17/17

Clifford says hello 6/17/17

Clifford plays in the water

George takes his first roll in the pasture for 2017. 6/17/17

Big and Gigi- Night of 6/17/17

Timber and Moon 6/17/17

Timber on a storm June evening 6/17/17

The horses of This Old Horse

Boo (Magical Unicorn?) 6/18/17

Paavo enjoys the fresh grass of spring 6/17/17

Paavo chows down

Clifford the day after

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