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Wordless Wednesday #260 – A walk in the woods

October 7, 2015 6 comments

A midday walk with Daisy

Here we go! #Cupcake

Hey pound pup. Hop up in the truck! Let’s go Hiking!

June 30, 2009 Leave a comment

j0202168When my dog Indy was alive, we used to go hiking together, mostly at Interstate State Park near Taylors Falls, Minnesota, along the St Croix River. I would like to continue this tradition with Daisy and Jasper. They love running through the woods and exploring new places. I love hiking through the woods and getting out in nature.

It’s not easy for dog owners to know where to take their dogs hiking in Minnesota and elsewhere, so here are some great sites for you to check out:

Hiking with your dog in Minnesota
Hiking with your dog in the U.S.
Outdoor Group Hikes in the Bay Area of California
Hiking with Your Dog (Resources and Information)

Feel free to share your own favorite dog hiking sites!

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