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Favorite Video Friday – Frenchie Love

June 16, 2017 5 comments

Before French Bulldogs became such a hugely popular dog breed, I used to care for one as a pet sitter. He was an adorable, stoic little guy. He had tons of personality and was so darn cute. I would love watching him sleep. He would sprawl out on his belly and kick his back legs out and put his front legs alongside his body (behind his head). It just made me smile.

Frenchies are a lot like Boston Terriers. They have huge personalities. They can entertain you all day long with their antics. And if you need a cuddle at night? They can do that too.

This week’s video features a French cutie, named Huey. I guarantee you that he will make you smile.

Happy Friday everyone!


Cupcake wants to be a calendar girl. Will you help?

August 26, 2013 8 comments

IMG_6838PDAs. I don’t like them. No. Not those kind of PDAs (although sometimes they can be a bit much). It’s those kind that include public recognition  – Employee of the Month, public awards in front of you colleagues, etc. I’m generally embarrassed and uncomfortable by them, at least when I am the recipient.

I also don’t like pandering for votes. It also makes me uncomfortable. It feels like I am saying “Rah! Rah me! Pay attention to me! Vote for me!”

However, today I am going to do a little pandering. Well actually, I’m going to pander for your votes for Cupcake AND for Benny of Two French Bulldogs. He has liver cancer and your votes, and the result it will bring, will help money to pay for his treatment. It’s a cause I can fully support.

Jodi from Heart Like A Dog and Julie from The Daily Dog Blog are hosting a contest to pick the dogs of blogville for a calendar that will be sold to raise money for Benny.

So what do you have to do? 

Click here and vote.

That’s it.

Vote for Cupcake.

Vote for other dogs.

Vote for Benny.

You have until September 1st.

Thank YOU!

About the voting process.  Voting opened Sunday at 12:00 noon Eastern Standard time (NYC) and is limited to one IP ADDRESS per 24 hour period.   For those of you with multi-computer households it is important to remember that any smart phone, tablet, computer that shares a network also shares an IP address.  If you vote on your computer then try and vote on your phone, chances are it won’t work, unless you disconnect from your network. If someone tells you they tried to vote and they can’t, then that is probably the issue.

Dogs as Fashion Accessories

January 18, 2012 25 comments

I was out to dinner with some friends a while back and one of them told me that he had almost taken in a French Bulldog through someone he knew at work. It turns out that a lady he worked with knew a young woman who had purchased the dog because it was trendy. Seriously? She got a dog because it was “trendy”? She didn’t want a companion or a friend. Nope. She wanted to be able to show everyone how hip and cool she was because she had latest trendy item.

“Hey look everybody! I’ve got the latest fashion accessory – A French Bulldog!” (Sarcasm intended)

As it turns out, after purchasing the dog, and sending it through doggy training camp for two weeks, she determined that the French Bulldog wasn’t really for her. She decided that she would rather have a pocket dog. She was dumping one dog to get another. How lovely.

Right around the same time, another friend told me how disgusted she was with an acquaintance of hers after she bought a teacup Yorkie. Did she purchase the dog for companionship? No. She got the dog because she loved the idea of being able to dress it up in cute little clothes and carry it around with her – like an accessory.

She didn’t want to take the time to potty train it (or train it at all for that matter), she didn’t want to play with it or spend time walking it either. Why? Because the dog sole purpose in life was to make her look good. What dog wouldn’t love to be dressed up for special outings and then ignored the rest of the time?

Here’s the deal folks – if you’re looking for an accessory, go get yourself a pair of new shoes, or a purse. A dog is not a an accessory. They poop, they pee, they need training, and they need someone who actually CARES for and about them, not someone who wants attention for having the latest fashion accessory in tow.

Wordless Wednesday #23

December 29, 2010 5 comments
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