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Finding the right dog rescue…

July 16, 2012 18 comments

This is Hakim. Hakim loves to be around people, play fetch, and be petted! He loves to go for (leashed), walks and plays chase with the other dog in his foster home. He is an absolute sweetheart!
Hakim is 8 years old and a larger Sheltie (like my Jasper). He is available through

When our local shelter, Minnesota Valley Humane Society (MVHS), closed it’s doors a couple of years ago I felt such a great sense of loss. I had volunteered there for over 8 years and had made so many friends. My last  four dogs had come from MVHS – Indy, Aspen, Daisy and Jasper. And then suddenly, it was all gone.

I knew I wanted to continue to help animals in some way, but how? Several of my friends had gone to help at other shelters in Hastings or in Minneapolis because they were close to them, but many started to help out in local dog rescue groups. It was definitely a change for me and my friends. Where before we could spend time with a specific dog and maybe even work on their social skills and training, we now helped out with intake, transport, adoption events, fostering, and a variety of other things. It was a huge adjustment for me, and I suspect my other shelter friends. I liked that human to dog interaction. I liked making a difference in one dog’s life. It took me a while to understand that working in a rescue can make a difference too.

And, if you don’t know now, let me tell you – not all dog rescues are built the same. Every dog rescue has its own area of focus, its own priorities, its own way of doing things. I ended up with the right dog rescue group in the end (you will read more about them on July 23rd when Blogger’s Unite for Dog Rescue), but starting out I hadn’t a clue what to look for or what to ask and ended up with the absolutely wrong rescue (for me). Let’s just say that my experience with the first rescue group still leaves a bad taste in my mouth.

Knowing which rescue is right for you can be tough, but giving back and helping a dog rescue can be so rewarding when you do find the right one. That’s why I wanted to share this great post from Poochie Project’s blog called “QUESTIONS TO ASK A RESCUE BEFORE YOU FOSTER”. It is perhaps the most comprehensive list of questions to ask a rescue.

If I had known what questions to ask perhaps I would have found my awesome dog rescue group, Minnesota Sheltie Rescue, sooner.

Knowing what I know now about dog rescues has opened my mind, changed my perspectives and shown me a new way to help animals in need. But what about you? Thinking about volunteering for a dog rescue and not sure how to begin? I would read Poochie Projects post and then start researching local rescues in your area. There are so many ways to help. One person can make the difference for one dog. It’s worth your time, isn’t it?

To Foster or Not to Foster. That is the Question.

August 8, 2011 27 comments

I’m thinking about volunteering again. Fostering. Haven’t quite made the steps to do it yet. Lots of things running through my mind about it right now.

Am I ready to foster again?

Are Daisy and Jasper ready to share their home with another dog that may be here a while?

Do I volunteer with a really great organization, where many of my former friends from the now-defunct Minnesota Valley Humane Society are volunteering, or go with another organization?

Could I turn down a face like this that needs a foster now? I love Bassetts. They always make me smile.

Should I volunteer with a rescue organization that rescues a particular breed of dog like Minnesota Sheltie Rescue? I love Shelties a lot and I know the breed well.

So much to ponder and no real answers yet, but I feel my heart pulling in a particular direction.
The question is what will I do?

Have you fostered before? What things did you consider before fostering?

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