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Wordless Wednesday #274 – The Frozen Tundra

January 20, 2016 7 comments

Frozen sunrise

A little bit of red #dogwood52 #dogwoodweek3

Black, white and red

Trout I ce Fisihing Opener

Just me and the fish #icefishing #fishing #lake

Making frozen bubbles

A rip in the space-time continuum?

A frozen bubble in snow

Jasper in action

Favorite Video Friday – A Doggie Zen Moment

September 18, 2014 2 comments

I’m always sharing these beautiful and awe-inspiring moments of zen on my personal Facebook page. These are usually pictures of great beauty and serenity – a person sitting on a mountain watching the sun set, a chair on the end of a dock overlooking a beautiful lake, etc.

Nothing makes me pause and enjoy the moment more than seeing a sight of beauty and placing myself in the picture – even if it’s only in my mind.

Occasionally, I will also share what I call “Doggie Zen Moments” on my blog’s Facebook page. These are usually pictures that depict what I think a dog might consider a zen moment – sitting on a beach watching the waves roll in, walking beside his best friend, down a dirt path  and into the woods, chasing a squirrel up a tree, etc.

It’s pretty rare that I come across a video that displays a doggie zen moment, but I think this one comes pretty darn close. Don’t you?

And, enjoy the moment with your dog.

Happy Friday everyone!

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