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Elderly, Single and Lonely: Seeking Furry Companion

June 15, 2009 1 comment

DSC00451Once in a while, we all have the chance meeting with a stranger that touches you in some way, or even changes your life.

Today, I met one of the sweetest ladies I have ever had the lucky chance to meet.

I was volunteering at the shelter (MVHS) and had just returned a dog to it’s kennel, when I noticed this classy, fit, kind-looking older woman checking out one of our bigger dogs. I surmised she was probably in her late-sixties or early-seventies and was concerned that perhaps she was looking at a dog that would be way too much for her. It turns out she was just looking – not to adopt – but more as a way to deal with her anticipation of finding a new “small” dog that could fill the hole in her life. As we started to talk, her story started to unfold in way I had not expected.
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