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Dogs and Kids – Are we the ultimate disposable society?

September 30, 2013 14 comments

A Facebook follower recently wrote something on my page that resonated with me:

“I am at the point of wondering why some people want a dog. They don’t want to care for it, they don’t want to train it, they don’t want to exercise it, they want it to be perfect without any work.”

(Yeah. I have to admit, I wonder that too sometimes.)

The comment was in response to a post I had shared about a thirteen year old dog who had ended up at a shelter after the owners had some semblance of sanity and decided that dumping the poor dog in the woods was probably a cruel thing to do to him, this being the dog they had “loved” for thirteen years, and decided to drop him off at the shelter instead.


Shortly after sharing this story my friend, Julie, shared a picture of her new foster dog. She came from Arkansas after her new owners, who obtained her from a Craigslist poster, discovered she was pregnant (at 8 months old) and dropped her off at a high-kill shelter. Thank goodness she was seen by a local Minnesota rescue and saved. She will have her babies in the comfort of a loving home with someone who will love her and care for her until that forever home comes along.

Picture 198Stories like these really make me wonder… Why do people get a dog if they don’t want to care for it, train it exercise it or care for it?

How can someone get a dog they so clearly wanted only to dump it at a shelter later? And, how does someone love a dog for thirteen years and then consider dumping it in the woods instead of caring for him for the rest of his life?

Have we truly become the ultimate in disposable societies? I didn’t use to think so. I used to think it was just matter of someone thinking it was “just a dog” or that we just needed to educate people better on how to train their pets so they would want to keep them.

But then, I came across this story and I started to wonder. Maybe I had it all wrong. Maybe we truly are a society incapable of making a commitment and doing the hard work needed to make a difference. Maybe we just like the “idea” of having a dog or a child, but not the reality of what comes next – caring for them, teaching them and loving them.

Maybe we truly are a lazy, self-involved, disposable society.

It is certainly starting to seem so.


Dumping an Older Dog at an Animal Shelter

December 27, 2011 43 comments

I recently saw this image shared on Facebook and shared it on my page as well. It struck a chord with me. I have seen many an older dog dumped at our shelter when I was a volunteer, mostly because the owner no longer wanted it or they just couldn’t face putting their beloved dog to sleep. My last dog, Aspen, was just such a dog. The excuse they gave was that she jumped the fence, but I know better. She had arthritis and moved way too slow to be able to jump a fence. She had health issues that took her life only a year later (I’m just glad she was in my arms when it was time and not at the shelter).

I know that there are sometimes reasons why a person can’t be with their dog when it’s time to say goodbye at the veterinarians office (see Dr. V’s post from a year ago here), but am I wrong to think that a person is a coward if they dump their dog at a shelter when they get too old? Or, is this just a result of our throwaway culture? After all, people buy/adopt a pet without thinking pretty often and then get rid of it when they realize the work involved. What do you think? Why do people dump their older dogs at shelters?

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