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What does your dog do while he is sleeping?

August 12, 2012 30 comments

Sometimes I swear the universe tells me what I am supposed to write about – even when I have other plans. I was all set to write about a more serious issue today, but by chance, coincidence, or the universe, two things occurred today that made me believe a little lighter fare was needed.
The two things?

First, my brother called me today and shared a couple of Dozer stories. (Dozer is his dog. I wrote about him back in March .) Dozer is quite a character, so when my brother shares a story you know you’re going to laugh. The last one was the funniest to me. My brother told me that today he heard some thumping coming from another room in the house. Knowing Dozer was in that room, he got worried and went to check it out. The thumping noise? Dozer wagging his tail. In his sleep.

The second was a video a friend shared with me of a Lab doing the very same thing. Seems a bit serendipitous doesn’t it?

Both things brought back a lot memories of my dog Indy. Indy was a Shepherd/Collie mix I adopted at 5 years old. She was a great dog – smart and loyal and well-mannered. But when Indy slept she became a dog on the move. Her mouth would twitch, her body would move and her feet would start flicking back and forth. We always assumed she was running in her sleep and used to joke and say that she was moving her flippers.  🙂

Thinking about Indy and hearing about Dozer made me wonder what other dogs do in their sleep. Do they bark? Do they make strange noises? Do they move their flippers like Indy? I would love to know.

What funny things does your dog do in their sleep?

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