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Playing ball – Jasper’s action shots

December 29, 2014 10 comments

After a very brown Christmas, we finally got our first snowstorm (with actual snow that is likely to stick around) and bout of cold (think frigid) weather. The dogs were thrilled, especially Jasper, Cupcake and Maggie; my little snow shelties.

For Jasper, the best part of fresh snow is that it makes chasing his tennis ball all there fun because he gets to jump in piles of snow, kick up some fresh powder and stick his nose in the snow for fun. Here are a few of the pictures I took yesterday during our ball playing session yesterday. Isn’t he a crazy dog? 🙂

This time I got it! #jasper #Sheltie

Missed it! #jasper #Sheltie

Gotta get the ball #jasper #Sheltie

Tennis ball acrobatics #jasper #Sheltie


Diving for the ball. #jasper #Sheltie

A little dust up #jasper #Sheltie

A little powder #jasper #Sheltie

Almost #jasper #Sheltie

Leaping for the ball #jasper #Sheltie

Drop the ball. Lady throws it again. #jasper #Sheltie

Gotcha! #jasper #Sheltie

Favorite Video Friday – The Young Once, Happy Dogs

December 15, 2011 6 comments

Recently, I was feeling a bit nostalgic for the snowy winter days of my childhood. You know those snowy days that had an almost magical quality to them and made you feel as if the only thing that mattered was the beauty that surrounded you. The adult world was something you weren’t required to be concerned about and snow days were always something to look forward to – sledding all day followed by a good cup of hot cocoa and maybe a nap.

I’m not sure if it was that nostalgia that made me choose this week’s video or if it was the music that accompanied it. Either way, there is a innocence here that appeals to me. These dogs seem so young and without a care in the world. I remember being that way once too. I hope you enjoy it as much as I did.

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