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Lost Dogs Found. My Scary Moment.

August 24, 2011 31 comments

Have you ever had that scary moment with your dog(s)? You know the one where you (or they) do something that puts their life in jeopardy? Or something happens and you wonder if you’ve lost them forever?

Tonight, I came home from work only to discover that my garage door was wide open. At first, I was mad. “That damn door!” I thought, “It’s constantly going back up after I drive away from the house!” Usually, I wait around to make sure it is down for good before leaving, but today I must have forgotten.

As I pulled into the garage, it suddenly occurred to me that it was really windy outside today. I looked at the closed kitchen door and breathed a sigh of relief. “Whew!Still closed.” I thought. Although that door is always locked, it often blows open when there is a strong wind and the garage door is open (it only stays closed when the deadbolt is engaged). The fact that it had remained shut was truly a miracle.

Instead of stopping to gather my work bag and purse out of the car, I headed immediately inside to check on Daisy, Jasper, and my cat, Nick. I opened the door but no dogs greeted me. I called their names. Nothing. Panic started to set in as I ran from room to room calling their names, “Daisy! Jasper! Nick!” Finally, Nick made an appearance and promptly voiced his concerns about food. What did he care about missing dogs?

I ran back out into the garage and then to the door that leads to the back yard. I pulled open the door and started to call their names “Daisy! Jasp…” Oh Thank God! And there they were, tails wagging, smiles on their faces, and both of them hopping around with excitement, just like they normally act when I come home. No big deal.

You have no idea the relief I felt!

Daisy was a little skittish, but Jasper seemed fine. “How did they end up there?” I wondered. Obviously, at some point the wind HAD blown the door open and they had escaped. “Where did they go?” I wondered, “How far did they get from home?” “Who made sure they were safe and sound?” “How did they get them into the backyard?”

All these questions are still running through my mind tonight. I have only spoken with two of my neighbors so far, but neither of them had even known that my garage door had been open. Nor had they seen some kind stranger herd Daisy and Jasper into the backyard. No one seemed to know anything. I still have one more neighbor to ask, but tonight I just can’t help but feel really, really lucky and extremely grateful. SO much could have gone wrong. I could have lost them forever and never known what had happened to them.

Oh. Did I mention? Neither Daisy nor Jasper had their collars on today when I left for work. Lucky? Yes. Indeed, I am.

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