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Wednesday Winner:

July 7, 2010 Leave a comment

I have two great passions in life. My love of animals is fulfilled through my pet sitting business. My love of photography is fulfilled via the web and taking pictures of anything that inspires some sort of awe or emotion in me, especially ones that involve animals. In the past, I have chosen other photographers who I have thought were at the top of their game (at least in my opinion!).

This week I honor a website that recognizes other avid photographers like me. I love that they have a contest every week to choose the best photos. I love that they engage teens in the process. And, I love that they share these great photos for all to see and enjoy.

In particular, you may want to check out Week 26’s photos. They really are amazing. See if you aren’t as moved as I was by these phenomenal photos.

This week’s Wednesday Winner is Enjoy!

Oh! And thanks to my sister-in-law, Laura, for letting me know about this great site! You’re the best Laura!

Wednesday Winner: SarahBeth Photography

May 13, 2010 2 comments

In addition to being a lover of animals I happen to have a passion for photography. There are a few photographers whose work I absolutely love!

One of them is SaraBeth Photography in Minneapolis, Minnesota. Sarah Ernhart is simply amazing. She gets shots of people’s pets that make you ask, “How’d she do that?” I would love to know!

I highly recommend you check out her many photos here. By the way, that cute little guy on the right? That’s Ozy, my Boston Terrier client. Isn’t he adorable? She caught his personality perfectly! Click on the html link below him and take a look at the amazing pics.

And, check out her blog – one of the most touching ones I have ever read is here.

If you are Ohhhing and Ahhhhing after looking at her photos, then you know why she just HAD to be this week’s Wednesday Winner.

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