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Favorite Video Friday – Australian Shepherd beauty, Lissy

October 2, 2015 4 comments

It’s fall, the weather has been lovely, my dogs are happy and I’m loving life. So, why not share a video that reflects pure joy and happiness?

I love Lissy. Could she be more beautiful? Or, more intelligent?

Happy Friday everyone!

Favorite Video Friday – The amazing Alex and Jumpy

July 31, 2015 4 comments

I am constantly in awe of dogs who can do a multitude of tricks. They are so physical and magical at the same time. The ones who can fly through the air, and manage to look like they float there, are just awe-inspiring.

Of course, we all know that behind every amazing dog is an amazing human. A human who spends lots of time with their dog and who trains them and builds a strong bond with them. These are the people who impress me.

Today’s Favorite Friday selection features an amazing dog with his equally amazing owner. Can you imagine going down the street and seeing them flying and flipping through the air? Wow!

I hope you enjoy the video.  Happy Friday!!!

Favorite Video Friday – What happens when you leave home

March 7, 2014 15 comments

A friend sent me this video a couple of weeks ago. I had no idea it would enlighten me so much.

Is this what goes on at home when I leave?

It sure explains all the toys on the floor when I return (and that torn up photo, huh Daisy?).
Now if only I could get my dogs to clean up as well as these dogs!

Happy Friday everyone!

Help! I’m stuck inside the house with three dogs!

December 11, 2013 16 comments

IMG_1038My dogs and I haven’t had much of a chance to go for a walk at the dog park this week. The frigid sub-zero temperatures have made it virtually impossible. So we’ve been playing a lot of indoor games and practicing our commands and tricks.

Last night I had the dogs wait behind a baby gate while I hid treats around the living room. Then I let them out so they could search for them. By the 4th round, the dogs were so excited they rushed past me and the gate and made a beeline for the ones they were certain they could find easily. They were so proud of themselves when they found one it made me smile. (Of course, it may have had something to do with me cheering for them when they did.) Seeing them having fun made staying indoors just a little bit easier – on all of us.

I love being able to “do” something with them on these cold nights, but I really wish that we could be walking at the park instead. To be honest, we could all use the exercise. It’s also nice stress reliever after a long day at work. (Can someone please talk to Mother Nature about this cold spell?)

But after hearing the weather report for next week, I am starting to lose hope that we will ever leave the house again. I am desperate IMG_0919enough to start doing 101 Things To Do with a Box. Not a bad thing to attempt mind you, but I really would prefer a little fun in the snow too.

Things may get bad enough that I may have to resort to dressing the dogs up in costumes just to entertain them! (Okay, that last one would be purely for my enjoyment. I doubt the dogs would find it funny or entertaining.)

Are you dealing with freezing temperatures? How are you keeping your dogs busy?



Favorite Video Friday – The cutest little Yorkie puppy ever!

April 11, 2013 18 comments

Is anyone else thinking “Thank God It’s Friday!” today?

I know I am. In fact, I wanted Friday to come so bad that I actually thought it was yesterday. Thank goodness it is finally here.

I was feeling a little bad that I couldn’t share one last week (my computer died), so I decided I had to make it up to you with a really cute video this week.

Meet Misa Minnie, the cutest little Yorkie puppy ever! In this video she is only 21 weeks old (that’s a little over 5 months those of you who are already calculating it in your head). Misa is super tiny and pretty young, but already she can perform more tricks than most adult dogs do. It’s nice to see a little dog showing off her smart side. Her mom obviously loves her and has spent a lot of dedicated time teaching her all she knows.

I guarantee Misa will have you giggling and smiling by the end.

Make sure you stick around for her last trick. It’s pretty darn cute.

Happy Friday everyone!

Reader participation: Where does this dog trick go?

February 7, 2012 18 comments

I had a lofty goal when I joined Pamela’s Train Your Dog Challenge last month. My goal was to get both of my more excitable pups (Jasper and Lady) to remain seated on a mat or designated spot in the living room every time someone comes to the front door. But alas! It appears I was a wee bit more lofty in my goal-setting than I first thought. A month won’t nearly be enough time to get this behavior down. My little pups, Jasper and Lady, feed off of one another’s energy no matter where they are or what they are doing. When one barks, so does the other, when one runs around, so does the other. It’s going to take a little more time for this one.

In the meantime, not wanting to look like a total schlub, I taught Jasper a very simple trick – “paws up.” Basically, he places his paws up on something (a bench, the coffee table, a ledge, etc.) whenever I say “paws up.” The problem is that it’s not really much of a trick.

Most dog trainers tell you that teaching a dog a complex trick requires you to break it down into a series of steps, and as you introduce each new step, you get closer to your final goal. The problem is that “paws up” seems more like a step to a final trick than an actual trick. But, what is the final trick I want to work up to? I have no idea. Do you? I would love to get some ideas on how I can use “paws up” to help lead Jasper to do a more complex trick. Any ideas?

A Border Collies’ New Year’s Resolutions

December 31, 2011 12 comments

I couldn’t help but share this video for obvious reasons. I’m not much for New Year’s resolutions, but I do believe that Dazzle may since she has 8 of them to share with you. Her list is quite exceptional, don’t you think?

Happy New Year everyone!

In case you’re wondering about Dazzle, watch below to find out what famous music video Dazzle was in in 2010.

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