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Favorite Video Friday – Your Best Friend

October 2, 2014 5 comments

I’m just going to admit it. It’s been a very rough week. We have had to say goodbye to so many this week – Dr. Sophia Yin, Dr. Lorie Huston, and now Cleo from Grouch Puppy.

Lots of tears have been shed, stories told and tributes made. It doesn’t take away the pain of their absence, but it does help us to know we are not alone in our grief. How fitting that animals should figure so prominently these lives. Our pets often help us in our most difficult times, don’t they?

This week was a good reminder that we are not an island in this world. Someone will always love us and miss us, whether that be our dogs, our cats, or our humans. We are not invisible, even when we may feel like it.

This week I chose to re-share a video I shared before. I thought it a perfect end to the week. Not sad, but touching. I hope you will like seeing it again.

Happy Friday everyone.

What kind of song describes your dog?

September 24, 2012 31 comments

Tonight, I was listening to some music and playing with my dogs. I don’t know about you, but I love music. It can be such a great reflection of my emotions – happy, sad, angry, silly, etc. Sometimes music brings me up when I am down or makes me dance when all I had wanted to do before was sit down and relax. Music has a way of moving us in various ways.

Music can also be a great way to define ourselves or our friends or a specific situation. And sometimes, it becomes our theme song (at least in our heads).

Thinking about music and playing with my dogs made me wonder… was there a song that I would consider a theme song for each of my dogs? And then, before I could even think about it some more, Jasper’s theme song entered my head.

Born to be Wild by SteppenWolf

Jasper was so easy, but what about Lady? The images that came to me immediately were of Lady flirting with all the boy dogs at the dog park, and with Jasper at home. I get such a kick out of watching her. When she flirts, she practically dances – play bows, jumping in the air, sashaying around. How could I not see her in West Side Story?

I Feel Pretty from Westside Story.

Daisy was the hardest one though. What song could possibly describe my sweet, shy girl? My survivor? My inspiration? Suddenly, it came to me. For those who know Daisy’s story and know how much I love my girl, it will make perfect sense. I know this is more of a love song, but it is sweet and beautiful and describes how I feel about Daisy perfectly.

Your Song by Elton John

So what about your dogs? What song would you choose as a theme song for your dog? What song comes to mind when you think of her or him?

Favorite Video Friday – “My Best Friend”

January 5, 2012 12 comments

This week I was out searching for videos featuring songs about dogs when I came across this wonderfully touching video. I love the song, and the video, that features what I suspect are the artist’s dogs and those of her friends and family. A plus was the message at the end encouraging people to adopt. If you’ve ever had a best friend who was a dog this will warm your heart.

By the way, the artist is Heidi Winzinger and you can check out more of her music on her website. She’s got a fantastic voice.

Happy Friday!

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