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How Well Do You Know Your Dog? Reader Participation

June 30, 2011 23 comments

The other day a friend and I were leaving the dog park with our dogs. As we were leaving, we ran into a fellow dog park goer with her German Shepherd.

I was loading my dogs into the car, but my friend stopped to chit chat with the woman. As she headed back towards me, she shared with me that our friend’s dog had been attacked by another dog the night before. Someone brought their dogs to the dog park, and while unloading them from the car, one broke away jumped the dog park fence (no small feat I assure you). The dog went after our doggie pal. Not good. No one wants a dog like that at their dog park. I had expressed my dismay.

Then, my friend said to me “Someone clearly doesn’t know their own dog.” That’s when it occurred to me (based on observation at the dog park and elsewhere) that there are a lot of dog owners who really don’t know their own dog.

It got me to wondering. Was there some type of quiz out there that people could take to tell them how well they really knew ther own dog. So I looked… and looked… and looked, but all I found was a quiz that had a “you are the pack leader” mentality (Uh yeah. I don’t think we need more disinformation passed around out there.). I couldn’t find one checklist or quiz that could help dog owners learn more about themselves and their dogs.

So here is what I am wondering…

If you had to write one question that could help a dog owner know if they really knew their dog what would it be?

If you had to describe one behavior, or a set of behaviors, that would let YOU know that a dog owner really knows their own dog, what would that be?

I’ll be interested to see what you have to say. Heck. Maybe we’ll create our own quiz!

Dog Breed Quiz – How will you do?

February 17, 2011 10 comments

Yesterday, Kristine from the blog Rescued Insanity posted a story about how she was about to submit DNA from her dog, Shiva, to be tested. I am anxiously awaiting the results since I participated in the Magical Mystery Mutt Tour and submitted my own guesses on her breed. I wonder if I even came close?

Anyways, included in Kristine’s post was a link to the Name That Breed quiz by Pet’s Direct. She scored 100% on the quiz. So did I! I guess a pet sitter and dog walker should huh?

How will you do? Take it and see!

Created by Pets Direct
Dog Breed Quiz

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