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Favorite Video Friday – The Dogist: Dog Photographer

February 19, 2016 5 comments

This week I’m going in a bit of a different direction with the Favorite Friday video. Normally, I focus on the dogs – funny dogs, cute dogs, amazing dogs and just dogs having fun, but this week I thought I’d share a video featuring a dog photographer.

I happened across this interesting video on Vimeo and thought it was fun and interesting. If you follow this blog, you know that I love taking pictures, especially of dogs. It’s interesting to see someone actually doing it very day.

Meet Elias Weiss Friedman aka The Dogist, a writer and photographer. He takes some amazing photos of dogs in New York. You can follow him on Instagram or Facebook. He also has a website: I hope you enjoy learning more about him and the dogs he photographs.

Happy Friday everyone!

The Dogist from E.J. McLeavey-Fisher on Vimeo.

Black and White Sunday #162 – Self-Portrait with Jasper

January 30, 2016 8 comments

Selfie with Jasper#dogwood52 #dogwoodweek1

I’ve been participating in the Dogwood Photography Challenge. This was my submission for Week 1: Self-Portrait. Jasper was my muse. 🙂

My thanks to our hosts for this blog hop Dachshund Nola and Sugar The Golden Retriever.

Unfortunately, doesn’t allow Java script so I can’t provide a direct link to the linky, but you can join here.

Wordless Wednesday #259 – Just Jasper

September 29, 2015 7 comments

He is such a little light in my life. #Jasper
A foot raised in anticipation #Jasper #dogpark #sheltiesofinstagram

Jasper in action
Jasper is in love with Amy from @gopetfriendly

He came our of the woods looking like he acquired some piercings. #sillydogs #dogpark #Jasper
The camera loves him and he loves it.

Jasper prancing with his stick. #dogpark
A doggie zen moment #sheltie #zen #Jasper

The stare

Nom nom #Jasper #sheltie
A foggy fall morning

Jasper's driving


Wordless Wednesday #253 – Jasper and Cupcake

August 18, 2015 6 comments


Cupcake closeup

Jasper and Cupcake

Wordless Wednesday #236 – Dog Park Dogs

April 22, 2015 6 comments

A beautiful Husky at the dog park.

I love this shot. Silly Atlas. 😊 #dogpark #doberman #dobie

Poor guy has a lot of dogs checking him out. Nice dog too. #dogpark

Petey #dogpark

Searching for the elusive chipmunk #abby #dogpark

Just hanging out. #Sasha #dogpark

Hole? What hole? #Sasha #dogpark

Zelda #dogpark

Such a beauty that Bernie. #dogpark

Chasing down squirrels#clover #dogpark

A break in the rain means lots of dogs at the dog park. #dogpark

Dante and his many friends #dogpark

Wordless Wednesday #235 – Dogs and Landscapes

April 14, 2015 9 comments

Cupcake's magical forest. #dogpark

I've already forgotten her name, but what a Beaty. Sweet girl too. #dogpark

Happy dog with his stick. #Jasper #dogpark

Here comes Gus and Clover #dogpark

Morning walkies at the dog park #Cupcake #dogpark

Zelda #dogpark

Under the darkened skies #Daisy #Cupcake #dogpark

A Cupcake sunset #dogpark #Sheltie

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