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Dog behavior to watch for at the dog park

December 2, 2013 30 comments

Over the holiday weekend, my dogs enjoyed daily visits to the dog park. They loved getting to walk in the woods every day and to meet up with some of their old friends and hang out. Daisy is more comfortable exploring when she knows her friends. She knows what to expect from them and she knows they will respect her space.

Going to the dog park can be quite an eye opener for the new dog owner. Not all dogs have doggie social skills or a respect for other dogs’ space. You have to know what to watch for and have an understanding of what is really going on.

I have been known to intervene in situations where I feel a dog is in danger, afraid or in need of a little assistance. I am used to hearing people say “Dogs can work it out themselves.” or “Let them be. They’ll work it out,” but that is not always the case. We as dog owners have a responsibility to protect our dogs and to prevent them from harm. In some cases, that means not going to a dog park at all. In others, it means you need to be aware and know what to watch for in case trouble starts.

The video below was taken at a dog park and demonstrates some of the dog behaviors that every dog owner should not only be aware of, but also be ready to intervene in, if they see it. It’s worth watching if you do not understand dog body language. The commentator does a good job of describing what is going on. I have already shared it with my dog park friends, please feel free to share it with yours.

Favorite Video Friday – Dog Park Fun in Slow Motion (Watch the fur fly)

December 27, 2012 11 comments

I don’t know if you’re up for it, but I have a little silent movie action to share with you today (or in this case, a YouTube video).

I found this awesome slow motion video a couple of weeks ago, but was hesitant to share it with you because it had no sound. But after watching it numerous times, I just couldn’t help but post it for Favorite Video Friday.

There is just something about seeing the fluidity of motion between the dogs as they play in the snow. Then, there is the and the beauty of of it all. Pay special attention to the Sheepdog (like you could miss him!) – he is the star of the show and just amazing to watch. Seeing him move as his fur flies all around is a sight to behold. I guarantee you won’t be bored.

Happy Friday and Happy New Year everyone!

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