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Making time for “Daisytime” – What are your favorite moments with your pets?

March 20, 2012 16 comments

Daisy hates thunderstorms

Last night we had our first thunderstorm of the season. In March! I’m still shaking my head at the thought of a thunderstorm occurring so early in the year. Last year, we still had snow on the ground in May. Just crazy.

As soon as the thunder started, I put Daisy in her Thundershirt so she could be more comfortable. She is absolutely terrified of thunderstorms – she pants and paces and shakes like a leaf. Wearing her Thundershirt helps her to be less nervous. It’s also the only time that she prefers to cuddle (with the exception of her morning belly rubs). She spent the evening on the couch next to me as I rubbed her head and belly. I don’t like it when Daisy is so scared, but I do love the chance to cuddle with her. She is such a sweet and precious girl. She is my heart dog. I’m so glad that she finds my presence comforting when she is stressed.

Daisy in her Thundershirt

Cuddling with Daisy is one of my favorite things I get to do with her. Knowing how long it took for her to want to cuddle with makes these moments all the more precious. I call these moments with her – “Daisytime.” There is no “too busy” in Daisytime. There is no “not now” in Daisytime. When these moments come, you take them. Because you never know when you will get them again.

Do you have your own favorite moments with your own dogs or cats? If so, what are they?

The Daisy Picture That Ruined All Others

October 2, 2011 33 comments

This is the picture that did it. The one that ruined it all.
I know. Pretty bad huh?

At the time, I was only focused on the fact that Daisy, my new dog, had fallen asleep with her rawhide bone sticking straight up between her two front paws. It was adorable. She was adorable! How could I not take a picture?

I moved closer, but the image was a little blurry. I moved closer still, but it was still not close enough to capture the rawhide between her paws. Finally, I found the perfect spot to take my photo… right above Daisy. I pulled my camera close to my face, looked through the viewfinder, and then IT happened. Daisy woke up. It was one of the few times I have heard Daisy bark. She was so startled by me standing above her that she barked in absolute terror and ran like she had seen the devil himself.

From that moment on, I have been unable to capture a good photo of my beautiful girl. Instead, what I get are blurry shots (usually because she’s in the middle of running away)

or I get pictures with her looking worried

or looking concerned

or looking away

or hiding behind foliage.

The last great photo I have of of Daisy is this one (pre-camera phobia) taken by my friend Gretchen a few years ago.

The reason I bring this up is because on Sunday we had a photo shoot with Jessica from Chocolate Moose Images. Jessica did her best to capture Daisy in those rare moments when she wasn’t running, hiding behind foliage or looking away, but I fear that she may not have been able to capture many of Daisy just looking like her adorable self. Who knew one picture would have such an impact?

Of course, it didn’t help that Daisy chose to go swimming in the park pond and then run through the woods and deep underbrush. She came out looking like a wet, muddy girl with burrs covering her body from head to toe. (And this from a dog who just learned to swim this past summer!) Oh well, good pictures or not, we still managed to have a great time and Jess was fantastic.

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