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How did you choose your dog’s collar?

April 29, 2012 17 comments

I suppose for some people, a dog collar is a just that, a dog collar, but to me it is something much more. It’s a part of my dogs’ identity. It’s a representation of who they are and my memories of them.

When I first adopted Daisy she had this bright red collar that had been given her by the animal shelter. It was very pretty and contrasted beautifully with her white coat, but I really wanted one that would match her name. I wanted a collar that was a symbol of Daisy. One that would be hers alone.

The one I envisioned in my mind was periwinkle blue and had white daisies on it. I tell you, I searched high and low for that collar. Every store, every website, every pet expo – I was a woman obsessed. Unfortunately, I could never find one that exactly matched the one I had in my mind. The closest I got was a light purple with daisies on it, so I bought it. It has been Daisy’s collar ever since. Now it’s a part of who she is – her name, her sweet personality, etc. She is so like that delicate flower. Hardy and strong, but delicate too.

When my friend Jerry got his Rottweiler, Brutus, he made sure that he got him a nice leather dog collar with the Harley-Davidson emblem on it. Since Jerry rides a Harley, it only made sense that Brutus would wear a collar made by the same company. But the collar also fit Brutus’ personality. He is strong, adventurous, edgy and cool, just like the Harley-Davidson brand.

Our friend Clover, an Irish Setter, has a beautiful collar with bright green clovers on it. It contrasts so beautifully with her radiant red fur. Her mom chose it for many reasons – it matched her name, it was in keeping with the Irish in Irish Setter and it looked beautiful on her.

I know so many people who chose their dog’s collar because it matched their dog’s name, their personality or had some symbolic meaning behind it. So how about you? How did you choose your dog’s collar?

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