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Twin City Dog: Where Rescue and Art Come Together

May 8, 2013 9 comments

Maybe this is the case everywhere, but I am often amazed at how wonderful the animal rescue community is in my great state of Minnesota. I have met some amazing people over the past few years, many of them people who have (and continue to) go above and beyond what is expected, just to save an animal in need. But, every once in a while I meet someone who just stands out in the rescue community.

That is exactly how I would describe Chuck Heubach, a man with a very big heart and a desire to help animals in need.

Chuck is the owner and creator  of, an artistic online studio specializing in the creation of animal friendly children’s books emphasizing the humane treatment of dogs.



I came across Chuck’s work after a friend (in rescue) shared one of his images on her Facebook page. It was a picture of Franco, a dog that had recently appeared on our local news station after he was abused by some kids in Blaine, MN. It was beautiful work and I was intrigued. I immediately went to investigate who had done it and where I could possibly get some images done of my own dogs. Following the Facebook page, I found many other images and a webpage.  And that’s when I met Chuck, the owner of Twin City Dog.

After conversing over email, I found out that Chuck is not only active in several out-of-state Collie rescues, but he is also connected to people I know in Sheltie rescue. In addition, he volunteers his time (and his images) to help dogs who need a little extra help getting adopted. He offers his pictures for free to rescues and shelters with hard to place dogs. .

You will find his images to be unlike anything you have ever seen before. I have shared a few of my favorites below, but I encourage you to take a stroll through his gallery to get a real sense of his talent.

If you are interested in having Chuck do a print of your own pet, just send him an email at Twin City Dog. You can also upload a photo on his website here. There are two pricing options – $50 per image or $30 plus $10 to your favorite shelter in the name of Twin City Dog. Prints are not included, but you do receive a high quality pdf file that you can get printed.

I wrote this post because I love Chuck’s work and because I wanted to recognize him for all the great work he does for dogs.

If you have a moment, please leave a comment and tell him how much you love his work. Thanks!


Waiting for the Mail

Couch Potato

Couch Potato



A Therapy Dog at Work

A Therapy Dog at Work

Here is one he did of Jasper. Isn’t it incredible?


All images are the property of Twin City Dog and used in compliance with Twin City Dog sharing guidelines.

Where is Wilson?

September 6, 2012 27 comments

Last Friday, a friend posted this image and story on my Facebook page.
Picture 82

As I read the urgent plea for someone to adopt Wilson, I couldn’t help but be sad for him. Wilson appeared to be the pawn in some kind of game. I wondered why.

Immediately, a lot of questions ran through my mind. What was the whole story behind this dog? Why did the shelter demand that he be returned to them? What were they planning to do with him? The last two questions were the ones that bothered me most. Having volunteered at a shelter for over 8 years, I know how we reacted when a rescue was able to take one of our dogs – with joy. We always knew that a dog was lucky to get into a rescue. We knew they would be have a better chance at finding a home than any dog left behind in one of our kennels. I just couldn’t understand it. Why would a humane society demand the return of a dog they had adopted out if it was safe in a rescue?

I started reviewing the whole story on the no-kill rescue’s Facebook page. I also spoke with some of those involved. I needed to know more. I wanted to understand what had happened here.

Here are the facts as I know them:

  • The family who had adopted him realized that Wilson was not a good fit for their family and surrendered him to Safe Sanctuary, also in Fairbault. As required, they contacted Prairie’s Edge to let them know.
  • The rescue took Wilson in and fostered him until Thursday, July 3oth when Prairie’s Edge demanded he be returned. According to Safe Sanctuary, Prairie’s Edge claimed that their adoption contract required the owner to return the animal to them. (See Wilson’s Adoption Contract below).
  • At first, Prairie’s Edge Humane Society refused to tell the rescue, and others who asked, what had happened to Wilson and whether he was still with them.
  • On Friday, July 31st, Prairie’s Edge sent an email to Safe Sanctuary informing them that Wilson had been “transferred to a foster home with an organization that works strictly with Collies.” I confirmed this myself when I wrote them to inquire about adopting him. (See my confirmation from Prairie’s Edge and the email posted by Safe Sanctuary below.)
  • Wilson was not placed with the most well-known Collie Rescue group in MN. I confirmed this as well.

So where was he? What had happened to Wilson? If he wasn’t with the only Collie Rescue in the state of MN then where did he go?

I won’t lie. My immediate thought was that the shelter had euthanized Wilson. How could I not? The dog was returned on Thursday, and by the next morning he was gone, supposedly to a Collie Rescue group. I just could not fathom how a rescue group could have gotten him so quickly, especially since it couldn’t be the one in MN. What the hell was going on here?

It was only after Safe Sanctuary involved a lawyer and the police that it discovered Wilson had been given to an out-of-state rescue. One in Iowa. Safe also learned that the shelter did not have a clause in their contract demanding the return of Wilson (I have posted a copy of the contract below.). So if they had no legal right to demand him back, why did they go to such lengths to get him back? They had to have known their contract would give them no legal standing. What was their motivation? Why go to such lengths to get a dog that was already safe in a rescue? None of this made any sense.

After hearing that Wilson was surrendered to a Collie Rescue in Iowa. I did a little research. The only Collie rescue in Iowa appears to be one called Last Hope Collies.  I couldn’t find a lot information on them. They seem to be a part of (or connected to) a completely different rescue group. It is the only Collie rescue listed for Iowa. Could this be the group that had taken Wilson? If so, how did they get someone to transport him to Iowa so quickly? How did they even have the chance to learn about him and come and get him from Prairie’s Edge in less than 24 hours? It not only seemed impossible. It seemed implausible. And yet…

Rumors indicated that Wilson might actually be with this rescue group. Calls were made. Inquiries answered. Safe Sanctuary was finally able to speak with someone from the rescue who said they do have him. And yet, he does not appear on their website under “Available for Adoption.” Maybe they are just waiting for things to die down? I hope so, because I prefer to believe Wilson is alive and in a rescue than the gruesome alternative. I can only hope the rescue will confirm this officially. It would make a whole lot of people feel better, especially the people at Safe Sanctuary. After all, they were forced to give him back, under duress, to a shelter that euthanizes animals. That must have been excruciating to go through, especially given the fact that they are a no-kill rescue. I can only hope they will have some answers soon.

As for me, I still have lots of questions..

If Wilson is indeed with Last Hope Collies, how did he come to be there?

How did Prairie’s Edge come to choose this rescue group?

And, why did Prairie’s Edge choose them when there was a much closer rescue in Minnesota?

What was the connection here?

And, why take Wilson out of a rescue if they only intended to give him to another rescue group?

Things just don’t seem to add up.

I can’t help but wonder what would motivate a shelter to demand the return of a dog they adopted out if they only planned to place him with another rescue. What kind of politics is at play here? Is there a connection between this collie rescue organization and Prairie’s Edge? I wish I knew.

Ultimately, the question still remains… Where is Wilson?

PEHS Adoption Contract

Picture 85

Picture 86

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